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What is the research hypothesis and what is the null hypothesis?

the research hypothesis is H1 - the theory about the relationship or differences

the null hypothesis is that ther eis no relationship or no difference


Do we test the null hypothesis or the research hypothesis?

the null hypohtesis

we have to either reject or fail to reject the null


What is the difference between directional vs nondirectional hypotheses?

non-directional means we're just looking for an effect or difference without stating which direction we think it wil go - such as group a's scores will be different from group b's

directional has that built into the hypothesis - such as, group a will have higher scores than group b


What kind of sample do you need to use the z distribution?

you need normal distribution populations and large samples


With single sample hypothesis testing, what needs to already be known?

the population values

 you just compare a single sample to the known population values


WHat is the critical region?

the area under tehs ampling distribution that includes unlikely sample outcomes

with a confidence level of 95%, the critical regionhas 5% of the what area under the curve - the area in the tails


If the test statistic falls in the critical region, what do we do with the Ho?

We reject it


What is the z-score boundary if you do a directional 1-tailed test?

1.65 instead of 1.96


If the n is less than 100, what distribution should we use?

student's t


If the null hypothesis is correct, the estimates sample statistic is going to be ___ to the population parameter.



To look at bivariate associations, what test should you use?

pearson's r


what is the range for pearson's r?

-1 and 1

with 0 meaning no relationship


What is type 1 error?

type 2 error?

type 1 = alpha error = false positive

type 2 = beta error = false negative