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What is the paper trying to explain?

- Even though civic engagement is decreasing in the US, it's staying stable in Canada, the Netherlands, and the UK
- Declinging civic activity in the US is restricted to women
- Declining civic activity in the US is likely not due to generational differences -> likely due to increased female presence in workforce plus the time needed for women to take care of children


What is Putnam’s theory on civic participation?

US is civically disengaged because TV and computers occupy most of Americans' leisure time, and generational differences have occurred, with recent generations less motivated to engage in civic activities than older (ie. WWII) generations


How is United States different than Canada in respects to civic participation?

- US civic participation decreased; Canada's stayed stable/increased slightly
- American working moms spend less time on civic activities than Canadian working moms


What is Andersen’s explanation in terms of why American civic participation experience a decline compared to other democracies?

- Americans spend more time at work at doing childcare than other nations
- The amount of time American women spend at work and doing childcare has reduced their civic activity