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what are some assumptions about resource-dependent communities that are being challenged?

- community labour forces and economic structures are homogenous
- non-resource sectors play an insignificant role in the communities
- these communities are found primarily in isolated Northern regions


what is labour segmentation theory?

- labour force is expected to be segmented into primary and secondary components ("good jobs" vs. "bad jobs")
- men dominate the field and get paid more than women


Are resource-dependent communities homogenous?

- No
- People work in other sectors besides resources


Are women working in industries?

- Yes
- Although women are absent in some industries, they are playing more of a role in certain industries (ex. food-processing
- Women are important in these industries, and the more resource-driven the town is, the more women get involved


Part-time vs. full-time labour

- Part-time labour is increasing regardless of community type/sector
- there is evidence of restructuring -> cutting full-time employment


Community dependency

- the farther away a community is from a CMA (census metropolitan area), the higher the dependency
- median distance = 300km (ie. from Vancouver to Merritt)


Economic restructuring in GVA

- employers want to replace full-time workings with part-time
- women are more likely to work part-time, especially as they get older (secondary sector)
- University graduates may have to work part-time before getting hired into a full-time position