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physiology of PNS on muscarinic receptor activation in the heart

1. Decreased heart rate and av conduction and rate via effects on nodal cells

2. Reduced atrial contractility via cardiac muscle


physiology of PNS on muscarinic receptor activation on vascular

1. vasodilation M3 via endothelial cells

Note: M3 receptors are not innervated- activation of the PNS does not result in vasodilation

They can be activated by muscarinic agonist drugs


mneumonic of muscarinic activation


Gi- cramping emesis


a Persons HR and contraction increase along with a increase in force of contraction. Which adrenergic receptor was activated

beta 1


Cutaneous, mucous membranes, splanchnic vessels are mediated by what adrenergic receptor?

alpha 1


Vasoconstriction mediate by _______ receptors contributes significantly to increase in total peripheral resistance

alpha 1


Skeletal muscle is mediated by what to adrenergic receptors?

alpha 1 and beta 2


Which adrenergic receptor mediates vasoconstriction and which does vasodilation

alpha 1 for constriction
beta 2 for dilation


If B2 receptors are activated what will happen to the blood flow (increase/decrease) to muscle and what will happen to the peripheral resistance (increase/decrease)

1. Increase
2. Decrease


Renal vasculature is mediated by which two adrenergic receptors?

D1 and alpha 1


D1 receptor cause what (vasodilation or vasoconstriction)



When someone has a very high dose of DA _______ gets released causing __________ via ________ receptors

1. Norepinephrine
2. Vasoconstriction
3. alpha 1


BP is mediated by 3 adrenergic receptors which ones are they?

alpha 1
beta 1
beta 2


What kind of heart rate can occur which is considered a reflex to alpha 1 stimulation

bradycardia, alpha 1 cause vasoconstriction and thus increase in Total peripheral resistance and Blood pressure


The heart primarily consists of what kind of adrenergic receptor?

B1 which increases HR and force of contraction


If Beta 2 adrenergic receptors are innervated total peripheral resistance decrease causing BP to decrease so what kinds of reflex (HR) could occur

Tachycardia to try and increase CO


Someone just opened relaxed their bronchial smooth muscle aka bronchodilation what receptor did they activate?

beta 2, just like with the heart beta 2 cause vasodilation and arteries have smooth muscle so beta 2 smooth muscle


Say you wanted someone to suffocate and make it look like an accident you would want to switch their beta 2 agonist with what type of adrenergic receptor?

an alpha 1 receptor because it cause constriction... not sure if this would work but might help it stick


During sympathetic innervation you want you eyes to dilate so you can see everything. what adrenergic receptor is responsible for this?

alpha 1 cause mydriasis


When someone has glaucoma they have increased intraocular pressure and to help with this you give timolol drops. Knowing this, what adrenergic receptor is responsible for increased production of aqueous humor?

beta receptors because timolol is a beta blocker


A decrease in neurotransmitter release with presynaptic nerve terminals is caused by what adrenergic receptor?

alpha 2


Relaxation of the smooth muscle in the GI tract is caused by what two adrenergic receptors?

beta 2 and beta 3


If someone has just had a release of the adrenergic alpha 2 receptor will they be able to have contraction of smooth muscle in the GI tract?

No because alpha 2 is an inhibitory adrenergic receptor so it stops the release of ach and thus no ach mediated muscle contraction


If a gland is unable too secrete due to the inability of the release of Ach to act on Ach mediated muscle contraction, what adrenergic receptor do you think is responsible?

alpha 2 because of its effect on presynaptic


Match the following i.e number with letter

1. uterine smooth muscle
2. uretal sphincter, bladder base, prostate
3. bladder wall musculature
4. ejaculation

A. Alpha 1
B. beta 2 and 3 promoting urine
c. Beta 2 causing relaxation
d. Alpha 1 causing contraction

1 and C

2 and D

3 and B

4 and A


Activation of what adrenergic receptor causes a marked tremor (hint propanolol is used to treat essential tremors)

Beta-2 receptor


Beta 2 adrenergic receptor has what effect on metabolism

increased blood glucose

your running from the bear so you need glucose for energy so your sympathetic nervous system kicks in activating Beta 2


You have been running from a beast for a long time and your out of glucose so now you want to break down fat. What adrenergic receptor is activated for this?

beta 3


For some reason your body secretes way to much insulin so you want to decrease this. What adrenergic receptor should you activate?

alpha 2 will decrease insulin secretion


Well damn now you body doesn't secrete enough insulin which adrenergic receptor do you need to now activate?

beta 2