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Appraisal can be defined as
a. the process of assessing or estimating attributes
b. testing which always performed in a group setting
c. testing which is always performed in a single individual
d. a pencil and paper measurement of assessing attributes



A test can be defined as a systematic method of measuring a sample of behavior. Test format refers to the manner in which test items are presented. The format of an essay test is considered a(n) _______ format.
a. subjective
b. objective
c. very precise
d. concise



The National Counselor Exam (NCE) is a(n) ________ test because the scoring procedure is specific.
a. subjective
b. objective
c. projective.
d. subtest



A short answer test is a(n) _____ test.
a. objective
b. culture free
c. forced choice
d. free choice

d. free choice


The NCE is a(n) _____ test.
a. free choice
b. forced choice
c. projective
d. intelligence

b. forced choice


The ______ index indicates the percentage of individuals who answered each item correctly.
a. difficulty
b. critical
c. intelligence
d. personal



Short answer tests and projective measures utilize free response items. The NCE and the CPCE uses forced choice or so-called _______ items.
a. vague
b. subjective
c. recognition
d. numerical



A true/false test has ______ recognition items.
a. similar
b. free choice
c. dichotomous
d. no

c. two opposing choices


A test format could be normative or ipsative. In the normative format
a. each item depends on the item before it
b. each item depends on the item after it
c. the client must possess an IQ within the normal range
d. each item is independent of all other items

d. Ipasative measures compare traits within the same individual


A client who takes a normative test
a. cannot legitimately be compared to others who have taken the test
b. can legitimately be compared to others who have taken the test
c. could not have taken an IQ test
d. could not have taken a personality test



In an ipsative measure the person taking the test must compare items to one another. The result is that
a. an ipsative measure cannot be utilized for career guidance
b. you cannot legitimately compare two or more people who have taken an ipsative test
c. an ipsative measure is never valid
d. an ipsative measure is never reliable



Tests are often classified as speed tests versus power tests. A timed typing test used to hire secretaries would be
a. a power test
b. neither a speed test nor a power test
c. a speed test
d. a fine example of an ipsative measure



A counseling test consists of 300 forced response items. The person taking the test can take as long as he or she wants to answer the questions.
a. This is most likely a projective measure
b. This is most likely a speed test
c. This is most likely a power test
d. This is most likely an invalid measure



An achievement test measures maximum performance while a personality test or interest inventory measures
a. typical performance
b. minimum performance
c. unconscious traits
d. self-esteem by always relying on a Q-Sort design



In a spiral test
a. the items get progressively easier
b. the difficulty of the items remains constant
c. the client must answer each question in a specified period of time
d. the item get progressively more difficult



In a cyclical test
a. the items get progressively easier
b. the difficulty of the items remain constant
c. you have several sections which are spiral in nature
d. the client must answer each question in a specified period of time



A test battery is considered
a. a horizontal test
b. a vertical test
c. a valid test
d. a reliable test

a. in a test battery, several measures are used to produce results that could be more accurate than those derived from merely using a single source


In a counseling research study two groups of subjects took a test with the same name. However, when they talked with each other they discovered that the questions were different. The researcher assured both groups that they were given the same test. How is this possible?
a. The researcher is not telling the truth. The groups could not possibly have taken the same test
b. The test was horizontal
c. The test was not a power test
d. The researcher gave parallel forms of the same test

d. parallel or equivalent forms - has same mean, standard error


The most critical factors in test selection are
a. the length of the test and the number of people who took the test in the norming process
b. horizontal versus vertical
c. validity and reliability
d. spiral versus cyclical format



Which is more important, validity or reliability?
a. reliability
b. they are equally important
c. validity
d. it depends on the test in question



In the field of testing, validity refers to
a. whether the test really measures what it purports to measure
b. whether the same test gives consistent measurement
c. the degree of cultural bias in a test
d. the fact that numerous tests measure the same traits



What are the five types of validity?

1. Content
2. Construct
3. Concurrent
4. Predictive
5. Consequential


A counselor peruses a testing catalog in search of a test which will repeatedly give consistent results. The counselor
a. is interested in reliability
b. is interested in validity
c. is looking for information which is not available
d. is magnifying an unimportant issue



Which measure would yield the highest level of reliability?
a. a TAT, projective test popular with psychodynamic helpers
b. the WAIS-III, a popular IQ test
c. The MMPI-2, a popular personality test
d. a very accurate scale

d. physical measurements are more reliable than psychological ones


Construct validity refers to the extent that a test measures an abstract trait or psychological notion. An example would be
a. height
b. weight
c. ego strength
d. the ability to name all men who have served as US presidents



Face validity refers to the extent that a test
a. looks or appears to measure the intended attribute
b. measures a theoretical construct
c. appears to be constructed in an artistic fashion
d. can be compared to job performance



A job test which predicted future performance on a job very well would
a. have high criterion/predictive validity
b. have excellent face validity
c. have excellent construct validity
d. not have incremental validity or synthetic validity



A new IQ test which yielded results nearly identical to other standardized measures would be said to have
a. good concurrent validity
b. good face validity
c. superb internal consistency
d. all of the above



When a counselor tells a client that the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) will predict her ability to handle graduate work, the counselor is referring to
a. good concurrent validity
b. construct validity
c. face validity
d. predictive validity



A reliable test is _______ valid
a. always
b. 90%
c. not always
d. 80%