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What are features of chronic bronchitis?

Thickened bronchial walls
Lymphocytic infiltration
Mucous gland enlargement --increased goblet cells
Squamous cell metaplasia

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause


What is the cause of tetralogy of fallot?

Due to deviation of infundibular septum
--most common cause of early childhood cyanosis
--squatting: increases SVR, decreases right-to-left shunt--improves cyanosis


What inherited disorder is caused by deficient DNA repair enzymes and is characterized by DNA hypersensitivity to ionizing radiation?



Disorder of the inner ear characterized by increased volume and pressure of endolymph due to defective resorption?

Meniere disease --causes damage to vestibular and cochlear components of the inner ear

-Low frequency tinnitus
-Sensorineural hearing loss


What is the 1st line tx for OCD?

--Target is 5-HT


What is the major immune mechanism against Giardia?

CD4+ T helper cells and secretory IgA production---impairs adherence to the small bowel mucosa


How do ACE inhibitors cause an increased Cr shortly after being started?

Blockage of Angiotensin II action on the efferent arteriole causes vasodilation of the arteriole--decreasing GFR and increasing CR.

Angiotensin II normally vasoconstricts the efferent


What NSAID does NOT impair platelet function?

COX-2 selective Celecoxib


What is the MOA of Bupropion used as antidepressant and what is its most severe side effect?

Increase NE and DA

Seizures can be seen in anorexic/bulimic pts

Also used for smoking cessation