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What causes an automatic EMER. SHUTDOWN of the APU? When is this facility available?

- APU fire on the ground.
- Pressing the APU fire on the exterior panel.


Why would the APU continue to run after being selected OFF?

If using APU bleed air, the APU keeps running for cooling period of 60sec.


What happens if excessive EGT is sensed?

FAULT amber light, and a caution appears on ECAM. Followed by an automatic shutdown.


AUTO SHUTDOWN is available during which phases of flight? And EMER SHUTDOWN (Fire)

1500’ – 800’


What causes the FLAP to OPEN? What does the message FLAP OPEN mean exactly?

- When MASTER SW p/b is pressed.
- In green when APU air intake flap is fully open.
- In amber after 3min APU has been switched OFF.


What happens if the START button is pressed immediately after the MASTER button is pressed?

- Green light comes on when N is >99.5% or 2sec after N reaches 95%
- APU can now be used for electrics and/or bleed


What is the Maximum altitude for APU start?

- 41,000’ by electrical power
- 25,000’ by battery only
- 14,500’ on the ground


What are the altitude limitations for the use of APU bleed & packs?

2 packs: 15,000’
1 pack: 22,500’


What would you do if the SD showed LO OIL LVL?

- Refill the oil
- Low APU oil when the aircraft is on the ground, and the APU is not running.
- The APU may be started ad operated even if the LOW OIL LEVEL ECAM advisory is displayed.
- Maintenance action is required within next 10hrs of APU operation.


What is the APU start limitation?

After 3 starter motor duty cycles, wait 60min before attempting 3 more cycles.