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What do the various colours signify on the pushbutton switches on the overhead panel?

RED: immediate action
AMBER: be aware, but no immediate action
GREEN: normal
BLUE: normal operation of a system used temporarily
WHITE: abnormal P/B position, test or maintenance information.


What do you see if DMC 1, 2 or 3 fail?

If DMC1 fails, 2 auto replaces both ECAM, Capt. Lose PFD/ND.


What happens if the UPPER ECAM screen fails?

Engine/Warning page replaces System/Status page on lower DU.


What should you do if both ECAM Screens fail?

ECAN/ND XFR, to display the E/W on a ND.
Push and hold the related system page P/B on ECAM control panel for 3 mins max to show on ND.


What happens if the Capt’s LEFT EFIS screen fails? How can the ND be displayed?

If a PFDU fails, the system auto transfers the PFD image to the NDU.


What happens when an ADVISORY is triggered?

Automatic call of the relevant system page on the S/D. the affected parameter pulses green. None aural.


What indications follow a level 1 caution?

Caution (amber) on E/WD without procedure.
No chime.
Crew awareness, 1 system redundancy.
E.g. CPC is level 1.


What indications follow a level 2 caution?

Master cautions (steady, amber)
Caution message on E/WD.
Auto call of the relevant system page on the S/D.
E.g. engine failure


What indications follow a level 3 warning?

Master WARN light flashing (red).
Warning message (red) on E/WD.
Call of system page on the S/D.
Continue, repetitive chime, sound or voice
E.g. engine fire.


What is meant by Independent, Primary, or Secondary failures?

Independent: affects an isolated system without degrading the others, e.g. a pump.
Primary: cost the aircraft the use of other systems, e.g. an engine.
Secondary: loss of systems result of a primary failure, e.g. hydraulics.


What does a downward pointing arrow at the bottom or the EWD or STS S.D. signify?

The information has overflowed off the screen.
Press the clear button to scroll down.


What is the meaning of: T/O (or LAND) INHIBIT (magenta memo)? When are they displayed?

Avoid alerting crew during high workload.
T/O: phases 3-5 (1st ENG T/O til 1500’RA or 2’ after T/O).
LDG: phases 7-8 (800’ til 80kts).


When does the LDG MEMO appear on the EWD?

Below 2000’RA until 80kts after touchdown.


When does the T/O MEMO appear on the EWD?

2mins after 2nd engine start, or
At least 1 engine running when T/O config button pressed.
Disappears at T/O thrust application.
Won’t warn the crew if only 1 engine started for T/O til T/O thrust selected.


With one ECAM screen failed, how is an ADV shown?

[ADV] shown on bottom half of screen
an advisory message appears on the upper part of the EWD associated key on the ECAM control panel lights up.


What happens to the SD when the Gear is extended on Finals?

Wheel page appears.


During APU start, what happens to the SD?

The APU page appears, until RMP>75% for >10secs or switched off.


What causes the FLT CTLS SD to appear automatically on taxy-out?

Sidestick >3degrees in pitch or roll, rudder >22degrees.


What causes the ENG SD to be Auto-called on T/O?

1st ENG T/O power.


When is the STS S.D. automatically called (other than during an ECAM drill)?

When slats are extended during descends unless the page is empty.


What happens on the ECP (ECAM Control Panel) if a system is manually called?

Light up until cleared or pressed again.


Pressing the RCL button, for LESS than 3 seconds, does what?

All warning, caution messages and status pages that have been suppressed by the activation of the CLR P/B.
All the alerts that are still active but inhibits in the whole active flight phases, if there are no suppressed, it shows NORMAL for 5secs.


Pressing the RCL button, for MORE than 3 seconds, does what?

EWD displays caution messages that were suppressed by the EMER CANC (cancel all cautions but no all warning cannot be cancelled, e.g. OVSPD.


What happens if the STS button is pressed on a fully serviceable aircraft?

Display the status page
Shows ‘normal’ for 5 seconds.


What is the effect of pressing the T/O CONFIG button?

Test that triggers a warning if the aircraft is not in T/O config.


How does the ALL button work?

The SD successively displays all the system page at 1 second intervals
All button is powered with separate with power.


In single ECAM screen operation, how can a S.D. be displayed? And for how long?

Up to 3mins by pushing and holding the system page P/B (simulates button stuck), even holding longer, disappears after 3mins.


When should the EMER CANX button be used?

To suppress spurious all master cautions + some warnings.