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How many fire bottles per engine / APU?

Engine: 2 each
APU: 1


Is fire detection available if a loop fails?

Yes, a fault in one loop (A or B) does not affect the warning system.


What happens if both loops fail within 5 seconds?

Fire warnings.


What happens when a FIRE switch is released out?

- Silences the aural fire warning
- Arms the fire extinguisher squibs
- Closes the LP fuel valve, hydraulic fire shut off valve, engine bleed valve and pack flow control valve.


Agent DISCH (amber) indicates what?

“DISCH” lights up amber when its fire extinguisher bottle has lost pressure (being discharged).


What are the indications for an ENG FIRE test? And an APU FIRE test.

ENG FIRE test: a continuous repetitive chime sounds, MASTER WARN lights flash. ENG FIRE (APU) warning appears on ECAM. O the fire panel ENG FIRE p/b lights up red, SQUIB lights come on white if discharge supplies are available. DISCH lights come on amber. On the ENG panel (pedestal), the firelights come on red.


On the external fire panel what does the APU SHUT OFF Switch do?

This p/b is used for manual APU emergency shutdown
- The APU LP fuel shutoff valve closes.
- The ECB receives a signal to shutdown sequence (same as the APU automatic shutdown without cool down).
- Silences the external warning horn.


What happens if a lavatory waste bin catches fire? And lavatory smoke?

When a detector finds smoke in a lavatory, it sends a signal to the CIDS to FWC to cabin and cockpit warnings. Each lavatory waste bin has an automatic fire extinguisher. (Wax type, melts the discharge).


How many fire bottles for CARGO Fire Extinguishing?

2 fire bottles supply 3 nozzles (1 FWD 2 AFT). Each bottle has 2 discharge head 1 for each compartment.


During a cargo smoke drill, how many DISCH lights are illuminated?



A red disc in the aircraft skin near the APU indicates what?

The agent is NOT discharged overboard due to bottle overpressure.


When is white SQUIB light illuminated?

- SQUIB lights up white when the pilot pops the APU FIRE p/b is released out.
- Test p/b