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When, and for how long, are FADECs powered?

First 5 mins after aircraft is powered, then self-powered above 58% N2 until 5 mins after 2nd engine shutdown.


When the Engine is Running, what causes the Igniters to Operate Automatically?

EIU failure, flame-out detected and ignition delay during start.


What does FADEC do following an Automatic Start Abort?
(Hot, Hung, Stall, No Light-off)

Runs an abort sequence, if a start aborts on the ground, the FADEC:
Closes the HP valve.
Closes the start valve.
Turns off ignition.
Cranks the engine, after the start abort in order to clear out fuel vapours.
Controls any additional start attempts.


During a Normal (Auto) Start what happens at 16%, 22% and 50% N2?

@ 16% ignition starts.
> 22% HP fuel valve opens -> EGT increases -> N1 increases
> 50% start valve closes, Igniter off
- APU speeds returns to normal
- Pack valves reopen


Which is the only Malfunction, which will cause an Auto-abort of an Engine MAN START?

On the ground, if the start EGT limit is exceeded before reaching 50% N2, the FADEC aborts the start, in this case only.


Man Start: When should the MSTR switch be selected ON?

At max N2, at least 20%.


Man Start: What happens when the MASTER switch is selected ON?

Both igniters comes, LP + HP fuel valves open, when N2 > 50% start valve closes and if on the ground, ignition stops. APU speed returns to normal if APU was used.


Man Start: what closes the start valve? And When?

FADEC at approximately 50% N2, on the ground, then cutting off the ignition.


What causes the FAULT light to illuminate on the engine panel?

Amber light comes on, caution appears on ECAM, if there is an automatic start abort, or a disagreement between the HP fuel valve position and its commanded position.


What do MAN START pushbuttons control?

ON: start valve opens if the ENG MODE selections is set to CRANK or IGN/START and N2 < 20%, both packs valves close during the start sequence, start valves closes when N2 > 50%.


What is at One End of the TRANSIENT N1, and what is at the other?

Actual N1 (Green) and N1 command (N1 trend) in green.


On the EGT what does the amber index indicate?

The amber index appears at 725 degrees during engine start, then 915 degrees (max EGT).


What does REV in amber / green indicate?

Amber: when nay one blocker door is unstowed or unlocked.
Green: when all four doors are fully deployed.


How can you tell that the Start Sequence has finished?

Amber arc increases from 725 degrees to 915 degrees (max start – max continuous EGT).
Grey background N2 box disappears.


When does IDLE flash (between the N1 gauges)?

When both engines are idle, it flashes f


When is fuel used seat to zero?

The green number is computed by the FADEC, it resets when the engine starts on the ground.


What is the maximum taxi speed?



What are the limiting EGT, and operating time, at TOGA power?

635 degrees: 5 mins (2-engines) or 10 mins (1-engine)


What are the starter limitations?

3 consecutive cycles, 15 sec pause between each attempts.
(Maximum 2 min start cycle time for manual start)

No running engagement of the starter, when N2 is above 10% on the ground and 18% in flight.

30 min cooling period, following 3 starts attempts or 5 min of continuous cranking.


What is the minimum IAS for Full Reverse Thrust?



Why should Engines be operated at Idle for several minutes before take-off?

>2 mins to ensure centre tank pump test finished, engine wear, to prevent thermal shock.