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What do you do if an emergency slide does NOT auto-inflate?

Crewmember can open its valve to make it perform its function (manual inflation handle).


What happens if a door is opened from the outside with the slide armed?

Disarms the door and the slide.


How is the door opened normally, and with the slide armed?

When the slide-arming lever is in the ARMED position, the slide is connected to the floor brackets on both sides of the door. When the door opens, the side inflates and deploys automatically.


What do the white indicator and red indicator (below the door window) signify?

White light: illuminates if control handle is operated when slide is armed. The slide-armed indication appears in black.
Red light: flashes when one or both engines stopped, the slides are disarmed, and the cabin differential pressure is >2.5hPa


How long are the escape ropes?

Long enough to reach the ground when lowered through either siding window.


What deploys the over-wing escape slide?

- Remove handle cover, the handle light and slide armed indicator illuminate.
- Pull control handle: the exit moves inwards.
- Lift EXIT from frame by holding the GRIP MOULD
- Throw EXIT out


How many over-wing emergency exits / slides are there?

- 2 over-wing exits on each slide (4 total)
- Each side with dual-lane slide (2 total)
- 4 other cabin doors have single-lane slide-rafts or slides


What are the indications, on the doors SD, of slides armed or disarmed?

Door symbols: green – closed and locked. Amber – not locked.
Door indication: appears amber when the door is not locked.
Slide indication: white when the slide is armed.


How are the sliding windows opened / closed?

To be pushed open in the direction of the cabin after removal of the quick release pins.


How do the crew escape through he cockpit door if it is jammed?

The escape panel enables the flight crew to evacuate the cockpit, in case of an emergency when the door is jammed. This panel can only be removed from the cockpit side by pulling the quick release pins towards the centre of the flap and kicking the panel open. (Kick outwards into the cabin).


Loss of electrical power to the cockpit door lock causes?

In case of an electrical supply failure. The door is automatically unlocked, but remains closed.