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Artificial Insemination

deposit collected sperm sample into vagina/cervix through catheter
for those with: no sperm, low sperm density or motility, unexplained infertility



fertilisation of egg outside the body and reimplantation into uterus
12 eggs retrieved per cycle
risks: multiple pregnancies, hyper stimulation syndrome, increased hydrospadias occurs in boys


Male sub fertility is explained by:

deficiencies in ejaculate volume, sperm concentration, azoospermia, poor sperm motility, abnormal sperm morphology, deficient in sperm signalling proteins


Ovulation Defect

no oocytes releases, assoc with PCOS
characterised by: hirsutism, obesity, oligomenorrhea, infertility


Ovulation Induction Medication is associated with:

multiple pregnancy risks, thickened cervical mucous and vaginal dryness, hot flushes and nausea, ovarian cyst formation, increased breast tenderness, skin rashes and bloating, increased miscarriage risk


Unexplained Infertility

duration of infertility greater than 1 year
Workup: history, physical exam, 3 semen analysis, laparoscopy, mid luteal progesterone estimation, hormone profile, post coital test, hystersalpinogram


Newer Techniques

intra peritoneal insemination - inject sperm directly into fallopian tubes
fallopian tube sperm perfusion - constant perfusion of fallopian tube with sperm


Immunological Infertility

possible mechanism: gamete destruction by anti sperm antibodies or anti ovary antibodies
inhibition of ZP binding by anti sperm antibodies



presence of functioning endometrial tissue outside the uterus
poor environment therefore poor sperm function


Tubual disease

torsion causes tissues to necrose as blood flow is occluded
all women have surgery before IVF


Embryo Implantation

enhancing embryonic viability after IVF
occurs by: zonal drilling, identification of biochemical markers for receptivity