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sexual assault

includes incest, any sexual behaviour that is threatening, violent, forced, coercive or exploitative
anything that is not agreed to


Forms of sexual assault

stalking, rape, unwanted touching, sexual harrassment, obsene gestures, voyeurism, unwanted comments or jokes, sex-related insults, pressuring for sex/dates, indecent exposure, forced to watch porn, offensive written material, incest, unwanted interpersonal communication



a persons capacity to consent is based on being the right age, being sober, having mental and physical ability to freely agree


Providing care to sexual assault pts

take steps to preserve the evidence, discourage urination, defecation douching or bathing


Physical injuries

abrasians and bruises on upper limbs head and neck, forcible signs of restraint, petechiae of face and conjunctiva caused by choking, broken teeth, swollen jaw or cheekbone, eye injuries, muscle soreness or stiffness, penetrating injuries