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Characteristics of Child Abuse

injuries in young children, inconsistent stories and injuries, multiple types of injuries, delay in presentation, disclosure by the child


Physical Abuse

bruises, burns, dislocations, bites, cuts, fractures, female genital mutilation, wariness or distrust of adults, fear of care giver, passive and compliant, failure to thrive


Emotional Abuse

low self esteem, withdrawn and passive, highly anxious, difficulty relating to peers, aggressive or demanding



frequent hunger, poor hygiene, unsupervised for long period, staying at school outside school hours, abusing alcohol, aggressive behaviour, not getting on with peers


Sexual Abuse

STD, pregnancy, PV discharge/bleeding, sexual behaviour, regression, school problems


Protective factors against SIDS

Lay on back, sleep in same room as mother, keep head uncovered, mother doesn't smoke before or after birth, positioned at base of cot, sleeping bag and wrapping