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What is one of the main goals of ABA practitioners?

Help the individuals we serve to have a better quality of life


Which of the following is NOT one of the tasks performed by ABA practitioners?

Projective testing prior to intervention


ABA practice involves direct observation. This means:

Looking at or observing behavior in some direct way


ABA practice involves:

Manipulation of antecedents and consequences


“Life changes that represent a person’s aspirations, dreams, and broad preferences.” This statement best defines:



Which of the following is a good example of an outcome?

I want to own my own animal shelter


Which of the following is NOT an example of an observable and measurable outcome?

Living a fulfilling life with a perfect job


X is an observable and measurable goal, while Y is not.

X=Graduating with Master's degree; Y= being the best student I can be


How are outcomes achieved in Applied Behavior Analysis?

By changing behavior


Which of the following statements describes the relationship between outcomes and behavior change?

Behavior change leads to outcomes


Those skills and abilities that enable the individual to meet standards of personal independence and responsibility that would be expected of his or her age and social group are otherwise known as:

Adaptive behavior


Andrew is an adult with disabilities who would love to learn how to surf. What would be an example of an adaptive behavior to target for Andrew?

Swimming at least a quarter mile without stopping


Joseph would like to go out on a date with Gaby. Which of the following would be an adaptive behavior that can help Joseph?

All these are adaptive behaviors in this scenario: Asking Gaby for her phone number, improved personal hygiene, maintain a conversation about a single topic for at least 5- to 10- minutes


Any defined, observable, and measurable behavior, which is the focus of assessment, analysis, and intervention is also called a(n):

Target behavior


Choose the most appropriate target for behavior change:

Biting other people


Select the most appropriate target behavior from the options below:

Punching, slapping, or scratching others


Which of the following describes a general type of problem with behavior

lack of appropriate similes control


All of the following are examples of problems with the strength of behavior, EXCEPt

all of these pertain to the strength of a behavior: does not frequently (often) enough, lacks mastery, lacks fluency.


Bob usually tells very edgy and explicit jokes to his co-workers when they go out drinking after work on Friday nights. His jokes typically result in a lot of laughter, and people at the bar, both co-workers and even strangers, often tell him how he should be a professional comic. Bob also tells very similar jokes during interdisciplinary team meetings, for which he has been repeatedly reprimanded. Bob’s telling explicit jokes during workplace meetings represents what kind of problem with behavior?

A problem with stimulus control


Program monitoring checklists indicate that the group home staff-persons implement behavior plans with an accuracy of less than 50%. All staff had been fully trained, and at one time they demonstrated a much higher percentage of accurate implementation. The house managers decided to implement an incentive system: each week, staff persons who implement behavior plans with at least 90% accuracy (on monitoring forms) receive a 2% “incentive” bonus. Which type of problem with behavior was this incentive system designed to address?

Problems with performance


Initially, Mark did not initiate hand washing. After much training Mark was able to wash his hands whenever his hands were dirty, right before he ate, and after using the bathroom. Recent data indicates that he is washing his hands at least 50 times per day even when his hands are clean. With regards to the most current data, the problem with behavior can be best described as:

A behavior excess


Which of the following is, in and of itself, fully adequate as a reason to address a person’s behavior as a target for change?

The behavior is preventing the individual from accessing most regular community activities/ natural social reinforcers.


Complete the following sentence: if you target a behavior for reduction...

You must target another behavior as a replacement for increase


Which of the following is not a good behavior to target for change



At a local Wendy’s restaurant, Terry begins to scream loudly, laugh loudly and jump around. As a result, people point and laugh. What is the best reason for selecting screaming loudly, laughing loudly, and jumping around in public as a target behavior for reduction?

Can result in exclusion of the individual from the community


Which of the following is the BEST example of setting a behavior change target?

Creed will compete three quality assurance reports per shift


Which of the following is the best among the following choices for a target behavior?

Compliance to academic requests


Which of the following is a good target behavior?

Hitting others


Which of the following is a method to make the topography of a target behavior more clear:

All of these are methods: Provide an intensity measure, give examples and non-examples, clearly describe what the target behavior will look like


Jose writes a program to improve public speaking for one of his graduate students. Before he implements the program he asks her if she approves of the point system he is going to put in-place. What aspect of social validity is Jose assessing:

Client satisfaction with the intervention


I see Mark talk to peers and make them laugh. I then watch Mark as he engages in a complicated handshake that makes the peers smile. I take careful notes on how Mark is interacting with his peers so to assist in my writing of a good social skills program for a different student (for whom I am providing behavior services) in Mark’s class. Which strategy for increasing social validity does this exemplify?

Observing competent peers


Stating that “episodes of punching others should be recorded as separate episodes if and only if two minutes have elapsed since the last occurrence of a punch”, incorporates which aspect into the definition:



Only counting a face slap as self-injury if it leaves a red mark on the skin would be an example of accounting for____ in the response definition.:



All of the following are steps to completing a preliminary assessment, except:

Identify the function of the target behavior


When determining whether or not to take a case, which of the following is NOT one of the questions you must answer?

All of these are considerations in determining whether or not to take a case: do you have the time to commit to the case, do you have the necessary resources and support of the parties involved in the case, do you have the necessary skills and experience