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Identify the fundamental property (or properties) from the following list.

W = temporal locus

X = temporal extent

Y = repeatability

Z = inter-response time

W,X, and Y


Which of the following are not paired correctly?



Measuring short, discrete instances of behavior is best accomplished with ___________.

Event Recording


Greg is testing the individuals in his group home to see how quickly they exit the building when the fire alarm rings. He measures the time between the ringing of the alarm (stimulus) and the moment the resident steps out of the building (target response). Which dimensional quantity is Greg measuring?



Data may be best defined as:

The quantitative results of deliberate, planned, and usually controlled observation


Which of the following variables is likely to have a positive impact on accurate data collection:

Easily discriminated instances of the target behavior


Which of the following would a behavior analyst be least likely to collect as part of an on-going program?

List of behaviors for a diagnostic criterion


When Dr. Martinez walks into the program area, the staff persons who have not been focused on work immediately begin to implement Dr. Martinez’ behavior plans. What is the term for this environmental effect on the behavior of the staff?



Which of the following examples best exemplifies data collection in ABA?

Recording the episodes of John's SIB during school hours


Indirect, discontinuous measures are often used when direct, continuous data are ______; in general, direct, continuous measures are ________.

Difficult to collect; preferred


Karen eats 8 bites of food in a 1-hour meal on Monday, 11 bites in a 1-hour meal on Tuesday, 12 bites in one hour on Wednesday, and 15 bites in one hour on Thursday. This increase in the number of bites of food per hour, over time, is an example of:



When you record each and every instance of a behavior during a specific observation period, and report the data as number of occurrences per unit of time, this is known as

Event recording


Ele is teaching Tara to identify colors. She takes data on Tara correctly tacting the color of the item placed in front of her, and asked “What color is this____”, or “Tell me the color of this ____”, or a number of other similar questions, evoking the identification of the color of the object in question. What type of data will Ele take on Tara’s color identification behavior?

Event recording of a restricted operant


Enrique occasionally yells out in class. Enrique’s teacher starts a timer each time Enrique begins yelling and stops it when he stops yelling. She does not reset the timer each time, but continues starting the timer whenever he yells, and stopping it when he stops throughout the morning. At lunchtime, she records the time Enrique has spent yelling during the first half of the day. What type of data recording method is Enrique’s teacher using to measure his yelling?

Total duration per session


________ is most appropriate for measuring discrete events, while _______ is most appropriate for measuring a target behavior that occupies longer periods of time.

Rate; Duration


The target behavior is “standing up on request”. You want to know the average time between the prompt to “stand up” and the person actually standing up. If you make an educated guess as to an estimated amount of time between the request and the behavior, your guess would be what kind of observational data on a direct continuous measurement of a dimensional quantity?

This is not an example of data collection


Danny engages in “intense rocking” for long periods of the day. Which of the following would provide the most accurate measurement of this behavior:

Duration recording


Derek’s boss was not happy with Derek’s work production, so he began to collect data on the time between Derek finishing one work break and then beginning his next break from work. What kind of data was the boss collecting on Derek’s behavior?



Tommy is not brushing his teeth well enough, as indicated by the number of cavities the dentist discovers on each dental visit. Tommy’s mom insists that he is brushing every morning and every night, so the dentist states that he needs to spend more time brushing. The dentist asks the Mom to make sure Tommy brushes his teeth for at least one full minute each time he brushes, and suggests that Tommy learn to sing happy birthday in his head 2 times during each brushing session. What dimensional quantity of behavior is the dentist interested in changing?

Duration per event


Which of the following is a discontinuous method of measurement?

Whole interval recording


If aggression occurs at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, and 6:15, what is the average IRT?

25 minutes


The target behavior is following teacher's instruction to put study materials away when a test is administered. The teacher will simply record whether or not the student followed the instruction (yes or no). The teacher is most likely using:

Percent occurrence


Missy hit her head, which was covered by a helmet, 60 times during a 15-minute observation session. We estimated the average IRT to be:

15 seconds


Which of the following is an example of trials to criterion?

Recording the number of backward chaining sessions required before Jay brushes his teeth independently 5 times in a row.


Three measured IRTs, which occur between 4 separate occurrences of elopement, are as follows: 2.5 hours, 3 hours, and 2.5 hours. What is the average IRT for these data?

160 minutes


Which of the following is an example of discrete categorization?

Recording the level of prompting required for Jay to put toothpaste on a toothbrush during tooth brushing


Partial interval recording is expressed as:

Percentage of intervals in which behavior occurred at least one time


For very high rate behavior, partial interval recording can sometimes ____ its occurrence; for most behavior, partial interval is considered to ____ its occurrence.

Understimate; overestimate


Whole interval recording tends to ____ behavior



Jonathan’s teacher looks at him and records whether or not he is interacting appropriately with his peers every time a 5-minute timer goes off. Jonathan’s behavior is being observed using which procedure?

Momentary time sampling


Teal walks onto the floor of her day program, sits in a corner and begins reading through the latest issue of JABA. Every 30-seconds her cell phone timer goes off and he looks up, records the number of the therapists in the day program engaging in teaching trials, and the number of therapists not interacting with clients, and then Teal goes back to reading her journal. What data collection system is Teal using?



Which of the following is NOT an example of a permanent product?

Raising hand in class


A drawback to permanent product recording is that

X = Not all behavior leaves a permanent product

Y = Permanent products do not always provide a full or accurate representation of what happened

Z = Permanent products are easily lost, and thus difficult to track

X and Y


Two observers used an event recording procedure to collect data on the number of talk-outs in Mrs. Smith’s third grade class. Over the course of four consecutive days the two observers independently collected data on talk-outs. The data obtained were as follows:

Observer #1 Observer #2

10 9

4 5

5 4

9 10

The average IOA for these data is:



(Smaller/larger) X 100 is the most common way to calculate percentage of IOA in X ; [Agreements/ (Agreements + disagreements)] X 100 is the most common way to calculate percent of IOA in Y .

X = continuous measurement; Y = discontinuous measurement