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One of the main goals for an ABA practitioner is to help the individual that he or she serves to…

Achieve meaningful outcomes


Which of the following is a general task performed by ABA practitioners?

Functional assessment


ABA practitioners can often provide….

Consultation to organizations


ABA practice involves measurement. This means that behavior analysts always:

Measure behavior using direct observation and quantification of the behavior of interest


Select the best definition of outcomes.

X = Specific changes in target behavior

Y = Changes in lifestyle that cause changes in a person’s level of self esteem

Z = Lifestyle changes that represent a person’s aspirations, dreams, and broad preferences

Z only


Which of the following is a good example of an outcome statement? I want to

Get a doctorate from the ABA program at Florida Tech


Which of the following is NOT an example of an outcome statement?

I want to decrease my smoking behavior


Which of the following is an example of an observable and measurable outcome?

Becoming a certified yoga instructor


In Applied Behavior Analysis, outcomes are achieved through:

Behavior changes


Which of the following statements about behavior and outcomes in ABA is true?

Behavior change leads to outcomes


Adaptive behavior can be any of the following, EXCEPT:

The absence of problem behavior in the community


Clair would like his son to attend a kindergarten classroom. What would be the best example of an adaptive behavior to teach Clair’s son?

Answering questions in a group with other kids, in a 20-minute circle time


Margaret says that she wants to get a job as a grocery-bagger at a supermarket. What could be an adaptive behavior that will help her achieve this goal?

Learning to sort items and place them in bags


A target behavior is any ___ behavior, which is the focus of assessment, analysis, and intervention.

Defined, observable, and measurable


Select the most appropriate target behavior from the options below:

Completing math worksheets


Which of the following would be the best target behavior?

Screaming, crying and dropping to the floor


All of these are problems with behavior, except:

Problems with hallucinations


When a person cannot do something, this is referred to as a X ; when a person will not do something, this is referred to as a Y .

X=skill deficit; Y= performance problem


At home, Jamal asks for “bubbles” when he wants to play with bubbles, as he was carefully taught to do by his parents. However, at school, Jamal grabs bottles of bubbles without asking, even though the teacher has requested that all students ask first before playing with them. In terms of appropriately requesting to play with bubbles, this scenario best exemplifies what type of problem with behavior?

A problem with generality


Chris got a new job at the Goodwill on the East side of town which would require the use of public transit. However, Chris has never learned to use the bus before. His job coach had to teach him how to use the public transportation system. This type of problem with behavior can best be conceptualized as:

A skill deficit


A performance problem refers to a behavior that the person:

Cn do, but will not do it


Which of the following is an adequate reason to target a behavior for change?

The behavior deficit makes the person too dependent on others


Which of the following is NOT a good reason to target an individual’s behavior for change? The person’s behavior:

Is strange, outrageous, or flamboyant


All of the following are examples of skill deficits EXCEPT:

Hits others for attention


What is the best reason for targeting shoplifting as a behavior for change?

Is illegal


Benny is 19 years old, has a mild to moderate intellectual disability, and currently lives in a 3-person group home. Which of the following of Benny’s behaviors would make sense for a behavior analyst to address as a “target behavior for reduction” in a formal behavior plan?

None of these behaviors are appropriate as reduction target.


Which of the following would be a reason for selecting target behavior?

X = Zach is unable to bathe himself (although he is physically capable)

Y = Marshall strikes his head against the wall, leaving dents in the drywall

Z = Darcy says audible repetitive phrases throughout the day in all settings (including school)

X,Y and Z


Which of the following general guidelines apply to identifying a target behavior?

X = It must pass the Dead Person’s Test

Y = Broad categorical definitions are fully acceptable (such as aggression)

Z = One must be able to count it

X and Z only


Which of the following is an appropriate guideline for targeting behavior for change? It is an acceptable practice to…

Be as specific as possible when defining a target behavior since in general, the more specific the response definition, the better


Social validity seeks to determine if the proposed intervention is acceptable to

Society, Individuals served, involved parties


Johnny is 12-years old, and wears only slip-on shoes. He now states a very strong desire to play sports in school, which requires that he wear fully-laced athletic shoes (such as high-top sneakers or cleats). He will have to keep his own shoes tied during games, but until now, he has never learned to tie shoes (he was not compliant with the training as a toddler, and so the entire skill was thereafter avoided by simply providing him with non-tie shoes). With Johnny now in agreement, we identify a new formal learning objective: that John will learn to tie his shoes. This new objective most likely ignores which broad aspect of social validity:

X = Client satisfaction with the results

Y = The social significance of the goals

Neither X nor Y


Emily decides to write a program to increase rate of reading demonstrated by three students who are lagging behind the class. Before she begins, Emily speaks to the students’ teacher to determine how much the students need to improve their performance in order to get back on par with the rest of the class. In terms of social validity, Emily is ensuring that the:

goals are shared by others in the same setting


Daniel tells Joel to “please stop playing video games and get ready for school”. Daniel records Joel’s stopping video game playing as an instance of appropriate compliance with a school related request if and only if Joel stops playing within thirty seconds of the initial request. Daniel has thus included which of the following into the response definition for compliance with a school related request behavior:



Which of the following steps should you do first when initiating a preliminary assessment?

Determine who can give consent


All of the following are goals of the preliminary assessment, except

All of these are goals of the preliminary assessment: begin to identify the problem, determine if whether or not ABA services are needed )or wanted), Determine if other types of services (e.g., medical) may be needed