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The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, under unreasonable searches and seizures is protected under which amendment?

The 4th Amendment


What is the purpose of the Grand Jury?

A Grand Jury decides if there is enough evidence to bring you to trial.


What is the purpose of a Petite Jury?

A Petite Jury decides whether you are guilty or innocent


What is Bail?

A sum of money posted to guarantee you will appear for your court date.


Whose rights are preserved under the 10th Amendment?

The States rights.


What is a Bench Trial?

When you wave the right to a jury and let a judge make the ruling.


The first 10 Amendments under the Constitution are known as the _________

Bill of Rights


What is the difference between a civil case and a criminal case?

A civil case is a dispute between two or more companies involving money. A criminal case is a case in which a person is accused of committing a crime.


What is Eminent Domain?

Allows for private property to be purchased for public use.


What five things are protected in the 1st Amendment?

1. Freedom of religion
2. Freedom of speech
3. Freedom of the press
4. Freedom of assembly
5. Freedom of petition


List four protections of the accused person under the 5th and 6th Amendments:

1. The right to a grand jury (25)
2. Protects the accused against "double jeopardy"
3. Right to a speedy, public trial
4. Right to witnesses


Which Amendment protects us against "cruel and unusual" punishment?

The 8th Amendment (Punishment of Crimes)


In general, what do the Bill of Rights protect?

They protect the rights of the people.


Who was the author of the Bill of Rights?

James Madison


The ______________ is the "soul" of the Constition

Bill of Rights


What is the 2nd Amendment? Name the 3 restrictions placed on it:

The Right to Bear Arms
1. Must have a license
2.Background check
3. Must have a permit for a concealed weapon.
4. No automatic assault weapons.