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Chondrocytes occur randomly singly or in isogenous groups in hyaline cartilage, what are the exceptions to this?

Growth plates and articular cartilage are more structured


What are the zones of articular cartilage?

Superficial zone has flattened chondrocytes and collagen fibers are parallel to the joint surface

The middle zone has round lacunae and collagen fibers that arc towards the underlying bone


How to tell elastic cartilage from hyaline cartilage?

Elastic fibers will contrast with the ground substance


Where is elastic cartilage found?

E- Epiglottis, External Ear, Eustacian tube


What type of fibers does fibrocartilage have?

Large collagen fibers to help with tendons and ligaments, intervertebral discs and symphyses


How are cells arranged in fibrocartilage?

Rounded cells in lacunae and arranged in rows between collagen fibers


How to tell apart fibrocartilage and dense regular connective tissue?

Round cells in lacunae