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What was the Eden Project built on?

A brownfield site (china clay Quarry)


Positives to the rebranding.

Visitor numbers- initial estimates- 750 000, in fact 1.9 million came. Numbers have now stabilised at 750 thousand a year.

Within six months, it was the UK’s third most visited attraction. Over 6 million people visited in the first 4 years.

Visitor spending- each visitor to the Eden Project spends on average £150 in Cornwall.

500 jobs in Eden project and 2500 jobs created (virtuous cycle)

Buys local produce.


Negatives to the rebranding.

Traffic levels- visitor levels have produced huge traffic problems with traffic sometime at a standstill. Local lorry drivers have estimated that journeys have increased by 30 minutes.

Pollution and air quality- ironically the major source of pollution in the area.

Almost all visitors arrive by road, and few by by cycle, bus or rail.

Although there is a bus link from St Austell, few use it.

The 3500 cars that fill Eden’s parking spaces, generate more CO2 emissions than all other sources in St Austell combined.


Where did a lot of the investment come from?

A lot of money came from the National Lottery and the Cornwall County Council.