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What did Manchester use to rebrand?

Culture and sport.


Why was Manchester in decline?

1960’s-70 Inner city Manchester was in decline- derelict factories because of DE-INDUSTRIALISATION.
Factory workers were replaced by machines.
Industry moved abroad (cheaper workers)
Over the course of 20 years over 30,000 workers jobs were lost- negative multiplier effect.
COUNTER-URBANISATION- the wealthy moved to the suburbs.


When did rebranding begin?

Regeneration began in the 1980s.
Trafford Park Development Corporation- (U.D.C- urban development corporation)
They set up an Enterprise Zone- Salfords Quays.
Rebranding- 1990s.


What sporting events did Manchester hold?

2002 hosted the Commonwealth Games.
1997 hosted the world table tennis championships.


What are some examples of redevelopments?

The Urbis centre.
The Printworks Leisure and Entertainment Centre
The Arndale Centre


How is Manchester now culturally significant?

Manchester known as where musicians came from. Large part of television industry- most of the BBC has moved from London to Manchester (Salford Quays).
The city became known as a nightclub area.


Who were the players involved?

The main player was the city of Manchester (the local council)
Trafford Park Development Corporation
Media City UK


What was a negative aspect to Manchester's rebranding?

The rebranding of Manchester created a property boom- but there was a debt crisis and a massive oversupply of houses, even to this day.