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How did we carry out an environmental quality survey?

This involved subjectively interpreting a variety of pre-made categories in three different locations- arts and events entrance, north entrance and Cabot place entrance.
Categories included amount of litter, advertisements, air freshness etc, with ratings of 1-10 with 10 being excellent in terms of environmental quality.


How did we carry out a pedestrian flow survey?

Here we carried out a person count in three locations for duration of five minutes. The locations we used were the main entrance to the shopping centre, West India Avenue and the street crossing at Cabot Square.


How did we carry out a business survey?

We recorded as many businesses possible with their names, category (financial, clothing, convenience goods etc), daytime/24 hour and chain/independent.


How did we carry out a disabled access survey?

Here, we completed a tally chart of both good disable provision (ramp, electric door, other) and bad disabled provision (step, narrow entrance, other), listing businesses provided these accessibilities.


What did we find from out environmental quality survey?

Overall, the data demonstrated success.
We used a radar graph.
The radar being largely stretched towards the ‘10’ of the chart shows this.
In all three locations 57% of all data collected was recorded to be 7 or over .
43% still shows some need for improvement- a lack of car parking availability is prominent in all three locations.


What did we do to investigate the success of the rebranding?

disabled access survey
environmental quality survey
business survey
pedestrian flow survey


What were some research methods?

Google maps