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Cicil Rhodes

18 year old students who went to South Africa on search of climate to relieve his tuberculosis. Made fortune mining diamonds and gold.


White Man's Burden

Defined by Rudyard Kipling as the duty of Europeans and Euro-Americans to bring order and enlightenment to distant lands


Sepoy Rebellion

raised from rumors that cartridges for newly issued weapons were made of pig and cow fat (against Islam & Hinduism) (Sepys: Indian troops)


(Port of) Singapore

Founded by Thimas Stamford Raffled in 1824, became the busiest center of trade in the strait of Melaka. Base for British conquest in Melaka.


The Congo Free State

A colony in the basin of the Congo River. King Leopold II of Belgium employed Henry Morton Stanley to help establish it. Belgian government took over and it was named the Belgian Congo



"Farmer". Newly arrived settlers from Europe who moved into lands beyond company control (Dutch East India Company).


Berlin Conference

The delegates of the 12 European states as well as the US & Ottoman Empire devised ground rules for he colonization of Africa.


New South Wales

Colony which was established by settlers when a British fleet brought them to the Sydney harbor


the Monroe Doctrine

proclamation issued by US president James Monroe that served as a justification for later US intervention in hemispheric affairs


Queen Liliukalani

last monarch of Hawaii who a group of planters & business people overthrew in 1893



US entrepreneurs established highly productive sugarcane plantations & in 1867 claimed a protectorate over the islands


the Spanish-Cuban-American war

war broke out as anticolonial tensions rose in Cuba and Puerto Rico (US took possession of Guam & the Philipinnes)


Roosevelt Corollary

exerted the U.S. right to intervene in the domestic affairs of nations within the hemisphere if they demonstrated an ability to maintain the security deemed necessary to protect US investments


the Sino-Japanese war

conflict erupted over the status of Korea (1894). Japan declared war in China because an antiforeign rebellion broke out in Korea & Qing rulers sent an army to restore Chinese authority in Korea


the Russo-Japanese war

war broke out between Russia and Japan because both imperial powers had ambitions in the Liadong Penninsula, Manchuria, and Korea. Japan won recognition of its colonial power over Korea and the Liadong Penninsula


Maji-Maji rebellion

Organized by a local prophet, rebels sprinkled themselves with maji-maji ("magic water") which they believed would protect them from German weapons. Many died in the conflict.


social Darwinists

theorists who seized on ideas of Charles Darwin and "survival of the fittest".


Ram Mohan Roy

argued for the construction of a society based on both modern European science and the Indian tradition of devotional Hinduism


Indian National Congress

the most important of the reform groups. A forum for educated Indians to communicate their views on public affairs to colonial officials


All India Muslim League

most prominent organization working to advance political and social interests of Muslims