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gold rush

huge  movement of people going to a place to look for gold


Sam brannan

traveled from San Francisco to Coloma to see if the stories about gold



Forty Niners

men and some women who traveled to California in search of gold.



narrow piece of land that connects two larger land aeas



area a miner said belonged to him or her. miners marked off claim they put wooden stakes or posts around it. This was called staking a claim


Louise Clappe

moved with her husband from New England to the mining camps wrote about the truth of the gold rush


the 2nd route to California was by ship


it was the longest route and could take 3-8 months



The banks of the American River


james Marshall

a worker at Sutter Mill who found the first gold nugget


John Sutter

had decided to build a sawmill hired workers while his workers were working they found the first gold nugget Marshall quickly reported the discovery to Sutter who tested the gold and it was gold


How did the lives of of Sutter workers change after they learned about gold


john sutter


how where africian americans part of the gold rush?

some came on their own. Others came as slaves from the south to mine gold. sometimes an owner would left a slave free if he found $2000 worth of gold.


1st route to California - isthmus of panama

narrow piece of land that connects North American and South America


how did forty niners travel across the isthmus

riverboat, mules and foot

some died in the hot climate. It they made it to the Pacific coast they caught ships to California


what were the 3 main routes to California from the United States

Isthmus of Panama

by ship

by land


3rd route to California-overland route

overland travelers had to cross deserts and mountain ranges. the challenges they faced were accidents, illnesses, lack of food and water


where did most 49ers come from

the US, Mexico, South America, Europe, Austrialia and Asia


1 and 4 gold seekers where chinese


what was the name chinese used for California gold rush

Gum Sam (Gold Mountain)


why did most 49ers head to California

to get rich quickly and return home. Some came to escape wars and other hardships in their homelands


Lu Ng

gold seeker who traveled from china to California because his crops had failed and flood had ruined his fields


what were the methods of searching for gold

dug wtih shovels, picks

used metal pans to search in rivers and streams. scoops up river, sand and gravel in shallow pan.

sometimes worked together with tool called babys craddle


how did louise clappe account of the gold rush different from earlier reports

earlier reports - miners got rich fast

clappe - miners could work really hard and still be poorer in the end. it was chance or luck to become rich


what are mining camps

camps set up where miners thought gold was.


how was life hard at the mining camps

tents and shacks didn't offer protection from rain, wind, and cold weather.

dirts streets filled with trash

little food and medicine


what did miners do for entertaining

play cards, read books, play music and sing songs, sit and talk.



how did miners spend Sundays

rest from mining

went to religious services

cleaning, doing chores and mending clothes


when was gold discovered in california