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how was san francisco different after the gold rush

it grew from a town of 800 people to a city of 35,000


what did towns like Stockton and Marysville and Sacramento become after they grew so much

trading and supply centers for mining camps


what did towns that were just mining camps have after the growth

banks, food stores and doctors offices


what did the miners who gave up on mining and stayed in California become

merchants and shopkeepers. Some claimed farmland and began to grow food for miners and others


what happend to to abandoned ships in San Francisco during the gold rush

became hotels, stores and warehouses


how did the gold rush change California's economy

some people became rich. Others stated businesses providing goods and services to the miners and other consumers


what is a consumer

a person who buys goods or services


what provided a demand for workers during the gold rush

people coming into California needing a place to live, food to eat and clothing to wear


what is an entrepreneur

a person who sets up a new business


who was Levi Strauss

he developed jeans that miners liked.


why did products have to be imported into California

because so many people came in a short time and used up products


what is inflation

a shortage of goods and labor or a sharp increase in prices


why did inflation begin in California

people wanted to look for gold rather than wor at other jobs


who was Mary Jane Megquier

wrote that women could make more money than men in california


how did the gold rush affect women

they were able to make alot of money. they would do work that men wouldn't and people would pay for


who came to California to become entrepreneurs that couldn't in other places

African Americans and women


who was mifflin gibbs

opened a shoe store and started the Mirror of the times, the first newspaper in California owned by a African American


what did mifflin gibbs do with some of his money he earned

freed slaves in the South


what did hydraulic mining do to the land in California

sent tons of dirt into the rivers. The mud stopped ships from traveling up some rivers. also caused floods of farmland after heavy rains


what happened to the land when gold became harder to find

miners tore up land or built dams to change the flow of rivers, killing fish and keeping water form reaching farms and towns downstream


in what year did lawmakers put a stop to hydraulic mining



what is discrimination

unfair treatment of people because of their religion, race, or birthplace


who did some miners believe should be the only ones to search for hold

people from United States


what did miners do to stop immigrant miners from searching for gold

threatened them or tried to pass laws that limited their rights


how were California Indians hurt by by the gold rush

forced off their land when miners found gold on it, cut down forest and destroyed rivers where Indians hunt and fish.


what is a vigilante

person who takes the law into his/her own hands


what causes conflicts between miners and indians

when miners took over or destroyed Indian's land


what caused people to become vigilantes

lack of government officials during the gold rush. there was alot of crime and violence


what happened when vigilantes didn't follow the the law

vigilantes punished people who had done nothing wrong.