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What does supply mean

Is the amount of a good or service that is offered for sale


What does Frontier mean

land beyond the settled parts of the United States


What does demand mean

when people want something


What does trailblazer mean

Someone who makes a new path for others to follow


What does pass mean

Opening between mountains


Why was California a hard place to reach?

desserts and mountains separated it from other parts of Mexico and US


What was the only way to California before 1820?

by ship


what did trappers to in 1820

open new overland routes through the West. they discovered routes while looking for new places to trap beavers and other animals


Why did trappers come to California

new places to trap beavers and other animals


What were beaver furs used for

to make hats and other kinds of clothing


Why was the beaver supply down in the US

too many were killed for their fur.


Why was the price of beaver fur high

so many beavers were caught the demand was high but the supply low


what is rendezvous

where trappers would get together to sell their furs and buy supplies


Who is Jedediah Strong Smith

1st trapper to travel from Utah to California by land


Why didn't Mexican governor let Smith explore California

They thought he was a spy and told him to leave California


What did the travels of Ewing Young in the 1830s do

develop the Old Spanish Trail from Santa Fe New Mexico to southern California


Who was Joseph Reddeford Walker

first American to cross Sierra Nevada from the east. He found a pass between mountains. Walker pass is named after him


What risks did explorers and trappers from the US face by going to California

freezing temperatures and rough lands and being put in jail


how did Jedediah Smith's route into California differ from his route out of California?

on the way to they went through the desert and heat. On the way out, they went over Sierra Nevada and freezing temperatures


who was James Pattie and his father Sylvester Pattie

trappers who went to jail in California


who is James Beckworth

trapper who was taken prisoner by crow indians. He found a mountain pass between California and Sierra Nevada, called the Beckworth Pass