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what is an immigrant

someone who comes from one country to live in another


how were the reasons for settlers coming to California different from those of trappers

trappers were looking for fur, settlers were looking for land


What is Sutters Fort

a fort that stood near a pass leading through Sierra Nevada. People could get food, supplies, or jobs there


who was John Augustus Sutter

immigranted from Switzerland and received a large land grant. built Sutters fort which marks the end of the Oregon Trail.


what is a pioneer

one of the first people to settle in a new land


what was the Bartleson-Bidwell expedition

a group of people who made the overland trip to California. they traveled by wagons


what is a wagon trail

group of wagons each pulled by horses or oxen


what is the California Trail

the main overland route to California


why did John Fremont travel to the West

to explore and map the Oregan Trail. He wrote a book about his travels to California


What is the Donner party

a group of people led by George and Jacob Donor who traveled a new route to California. They were caught in snowstorms. half the group died


Who was John Marsh

settler who had a ranch in Central Valley. He wrote to friends and inspired them to come to California


what route did Donner take to reach California

a new route south of the Great Salt Lake, it was suppose to be a short cut. led over route too rough and took a month longer and snowed.


Who was John Freemont

became known as the Great pathfinder after 2 expeditions on the western frontier. he wrote a book