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what is manifest destiny

US should reach from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean


why did the manifest destiny become popular

the population grew from 5 million to 23 million in 40 years


why did Americans want California to be part of the US

so citizens would have more places to live and work


Why was the Mexican government unable to stop Americans from settling in California

they didn't have money to pay for soliders to keep order


why did rancho owners have alot of power

they owned much of the land


what is a squatter

someone who lives in a place without permission


why were squatters worried about Castro

they did not have the same rights as Mexican citizens


who was General Jose Castro

California's Mexican military leader


what is the Osos

spanish group who wanted to take control of California from Mexico.


who is Mariano Vallejo

government official and ranch owner in Sonoma


what is a rebel

someone who fights against the government


what is a republic

form of government in which people elect their leaders


who is Pio Pico

governor of Mexician California


Why was Mexico government weak?

church no longer had control over Missions, rancho owners had power, they didn;t have the money to pay for soliders, they were unable to stop settlers.


what is the bear flag revolt

group of settlers called the Osos who marched into sonoma. they wanted to take control of California from Mexico


what did the Osos do on there march

went to the house of Marian Vallejo and made him agree to give up control of Sonoma. They declared California to be a free republic


What is the Battle of Olompali

Castro's soliders who tried get back control of Sonoma. they failed


who were the bear flaggers

people who took over Sonoma and declared California a free republic. made a flag with a bear on it calling it the bear flag republic