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What are some examples of mobile devices?pg457-458

Tablets, Smartphones, Phablets, e-Readers, GPS, Smart cameras, Wearable 457-458


What are the three overarching characteristics of mobile devices?pg458

Field servicing, input, and secondary


What is multi-touch?pg459

Screens are developing the ability to detect more than one contact point. ex. Apple devices. They own the patents they bought it from Fingerworks.pg459


What is TouchFLO and who created it.pg460

Touch FLO is not a multi-touch screen. It is a multiple screen interface perceived by users. HTC. pg.460


Apple's mobile devices employ gestures of TouchFLO, combining that and multi-touch. T or F pg460



What technology made the user interface much smoother and more intuitive.pg460

Capacitive touchscreen technology.pg460


Mobile devices use what type of storage device and why?pg460

SSDs solid-state drives. No moving parts and they run cooler and resists higher temperature extremes, and require less power to run their counterparts.pg460


What is the defining characteristic of a tablet computer and what are the two varieties?pg462

Touchscreen. 1.Resistive responds to pressure, hightly accurate. 2. Capacitive less accurate but more responsive; respond to change in electric


What is the most popular computer device in the world today? pg463

Smartphone. Any mobile phone with its own processor and operating system can be considered to be one.pg463


What was the very first smart phone?pg464

IBM Simon Personal Communicator released by BellSouth in 1994.pg464


Who was the first country to see wide spread smartphone adoption.pg465

Japan in 1999 pg.465


What was the defining year of the smartphone and who defined it.pg466

2007, Apple's iPhone.pg466 running the iOS operating


In terms of current usage what is the order of market share systems. ex. windows,apple,

1st is Android. 2nd. Apple. 3rd Windows-based


Who are the biggest manufacturers of Android smartphones.pg467

Samsung, HTC,LG,Sony,Motorola.pg467