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What is a printer?pg502

It is a electromechanical output device that puts information from computer onto paper.pg502


What are impact printers?pg503

Is a printer that uses some form of impact and ink ribbon to imprint on paper and use paper feed mechanism called Tractor Feed. Two types: Daisy Wheel, dot matrix.pg503


How does a daisy-wheel printer work?pg503

It uses a mechanism called a print head that has the daisy wheel with letters on the pedals and solenoid that hammers the back of the letters against the ribbon and paper.pg503 Poor speed 2 to 4 (cps) characters per second. Also very noisy.


How does a dot-matrix printer work?pg504

The print head contains a row of pins. The pins are triggered in patterns to form letters and numbers as the head moves across the paper.pg504 speed starting 72cps and as fast as 1page per second.


What is (LQ) and (NLQ)?pg504-505

LQ is letter quality if it was readable or (NLQ) near letter quality.pg504-505


Do most impact printer have an option to adjust the print head. T or F pg505

True. You can adjust head's distance to make it darker or lighter.pg505


What type of printer has a reservoir of ink, a pump, and nozzle. That spray ink on a page to form the image?pg505

Inkjet. One of the most popular types of printers used today.pg505


Inkjet printers where referred to bubble-jet printers. T or F pg505

True. Droplets of ink are sprayed on in a very high-definition dot-matrix pattern.pg505


Printer parts are divided into what categories?pg506

Print head/ink cartridge, Head carriage, belt, stepper motor, Paper-feed mechanism, Control, interface, and power 506


The print head contains what on a ink jet printer.pg506

Many small nozzles(100 to 200). It could be part of the ink cartridge-reservoir of ink and print head.


What are two methods of spraying the ink?pg506

Hewlett-Packard-electricity heating element to expand ink vapor forcing droplet on paper. 2. Epson-piezoelectric element that bends and pushes the ink out and sucks up more ink when bent back.pg506


What does the maintenance station contain?pg506

It contains small suction pump and ink-absorbing pads.pg506


The print head carriage is the component that moves back and forth during printing. T or F pg506



What makes the print head move?pg507

The stepper motor and belt.pg506 Also called carriage motor or carriage stepper motor.


What keeps the print head carriage aligned and stable while it moves and prints?pg508

Stabilizer bar.pg508


What are the components of the paper-feed mechanism?pg508

Pickup rollers, separator pads, pickup stepper motor.pg508