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Some laptop manufacturers have a policy that if you open the case of the laptop, the warranty is voided. T/F. pg433



What are the items or tools you need to work on your lap top.pg433

Manual,small Phillips-head,flat-head screwdrivers and Torx driver.pg433


Before you crack open the case of your laptop, you need to have what?pg434

You have to have an organization and documentation plan in place. ex. containers pg434


What are the two most common components people usually upgrade in your

Hard drives and memory. pg.435


What are two good web sites that you can use to repair your laptop.pg435, and pg.435


Most manufacturers will use memory that conforms to _______and ______ standards.pg437

SODIMM (MicroDIMM). pg.437


What is the most common standard for internal laptop expansion cards.pg438

Mini PCIe. pg.438


Most laptops will come with only one internal Mini PCIe port, some common devices included are?438

SATA controllers, network cards, sound cards, modems.pg438


Removing the Mini PCI (or a Mini PCIe) is like removing the memory module except one needs to disconnects what.pg438

The Mini PCI or (Mini PCIe) has ANTENNA cables.pg438


What do wireless network cards and video cards have in common in laptops?pg439

They are integrated into your motherboard.pg439


What is (FRUs) pg.439

Field replaceable units. It has a separate network card and video card.pg439


Upgrading Laptop Video C-ards is like replacing system memory. T or F pg.440

True. pg.440


If you get a BIOS update and burn it to a CD and then boot the laptop with the CD the disc will automatically flash the BIOS. T or F pg.446

True. pg.446