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What made Windows 8 revolutionary?pg764

It made the adoption of a tablet-friendly interface implemented on all devices.pg764


Windows 8.1 was released as an update to 8.0 but where a patch (step backward to adapt to hardware.) T or F pg764

True. Noticed during booting because it was checking if it was on a touch-screen capable device. pg764


What were the 4 editions of Windows 8?pg764

Windows 8(core), Windows 8Pro(Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate in features, Windows 8 RT (preinstallation on tablets.)Windows 8 Enterprise.pg764


Windows 8 RT runs on what kind of processor?pg765

It runs on a ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) processor, not on x86/x64.pg765


What are the minimum hardware requirements for a 32-bit installation?pg764

1GHz(or faster) processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of hard drive space, DirectX 9 graphics device w/ WDDM driver.pg764


When you add apps to the Start screen or Desktop it is called what?pg765

Pinning pg765


What is the online/cloud storage account that comes with Microsoft?pg765

OneDrive or (One Drive) pg765


What are the controls that are available on the side of the screen for every Windows Store app.pg766

Charms. ex. Search, Share, Start, Devices, Settings.pg766


What is PowerShell?pg766

Enhanced command interface to write script files based on the .NET programming framework.pg766


What is the online site to download apps, games, software, and so on.?pg766

Windows Store.pg766


What feature did Windows 8 make possible to have a Taskbar appear in each monitor?pg766

Multimonitor Taskbars.pg766