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What is protocol?pg299

It is a set of rules that govern communications between computers.pg299


TCP/IP became the protocol suite to use. Why?pg299

It was the protocol suite used for the internet and because of its modularity structure. Also the vast majority of home and business networks used today.pg299


TCP/IP suite is a collection of different protocols that work together to deliver connectivity. T or F pg.299

T. It has dozens of protocols working


What is TCP/IP?pg 300

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Most popular network protocol used thanks to rise of Internet. Named from hardest- working protocols. pg.300


TCP/IP is robust and flexible it can work on disparate operating systems such as ___,____,____,____,? And its flexibility comes from what.?pg300

UNIX,Mac OS X, Windows,iOS, Android. Support variety of programs, applications and required network functions. Flexibilty comes from its Modular nature.pg300


The structure of TCP/IP is based on similar model created by the United States Department of Defense; Department of Defense (DOD) model. T or F pg.300

True. pg.300 DoD model has four layers that map seven OSI layers. pg.300-301


The majority of TCP/IP protocols are located at the ___/__ layer?pg301

Process/Application pg.301 ex. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Post Office Protocol (POP).


At a Host -to Host layer what are to two layers?pg301

TCP and User Datagram Protocol (UDP)pg301


What is the most important protocol at the Internet layer?pg301

IP. It is the backbone of TCP/IP. Other protocols at this layers in conjunction with IP, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Address Resolution Protocol(ARP).pg301


FTP is optimized for file downloads, Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP) allowed to connect to a remote computer and manage programs.pg302 T or F

True. pg 302


What is AFP. pg.302

Apple Filing Protocol developed in 1980s use with Apple Talk network protocol.pg302