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What are duplicate copies of key information stored in a location other than the current one?pg868

Backups. pg868


What are some files and applications that should be backed up?pg868

Applications. Appointment files. Audit files. Customer lists. Database files. Email correspondence. Financial data. Operating systems. Prospect lists. Transaction files. User files. User information. Utilities.pg869


What are some reasons why you need to backup your files?

1. Accidental deletion. 2. Application errors 3. Natural disasters 3. Physical attacks 4. Server failure 5. Virus infection 5. Workstation failure.pg869


What are partial or full backups that are kept at the computer center for immediate recovery. AKA shadow copies?pg869

Working copy backups.pg869


Working copies are usually intended to serve as long-term copies. T or F pg869

False. They are intended for short-term copies. In a busy environment they may be created every few hours.pg869


What is a log file of all changes and transactions that have occurred within a set period of time?pg870

(JFS) journaled file system.pg870


What is Onsite storage?pg870

It is a location on the site of the computer center that is used to store information locally. They are in a protected environment in the building.pg870


What is the difference between fireproof and fire rated?pg870

Fireproof- can withstand damage from any type of fire or temperature.
Fire rated-can protect the contents for a specific amount of time in a given situation.pg870


General-purpose storage safes aren't usually suitable for storing electronic media. T or F pg870

True. Their fire ratings refer to paper contents not electronic media which gets ruined before paper catches fire (451 Fahrenheit)


What refers to a location away from the computer center where paper copies and backup media are kept?pg870

Offsite storage.pg870


The file systems used on Mac OS and Linux always need to be defragmented. T or F pg871

False. They have on-the-fly defragmentation methods and implement file allocation strategies.pg871


What is the difference between updates and patches?pg871

Updates fix a lot of things. Patches fix a few things. Some things cant wait for updates ex. security-related .