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What are elements that can be added to an environment to aid in securing it?pg897

Physical Security.pg897


What is the most effective physical barrier, it has more than one physical barrier be crossed to gain access?pg897

Multiple-barrier system.pg897


Your system should have a minimum of three physical barriers, list the three barriers? pg897

1.outer,such as a fence(perimeter).
2. middle-guards, locks, mantraps, ID badges
3. inner-key fobs pg897


What is it called being so close to someone when they enter a building that you are able to come in right behind them without a key, a card, or any other security device?pg897

Tailgating. pg897


What can you use to help stop tailgating? 897

Mantraps.--small rooms that limit access to one or a few individuals.pg897


___ are physical characteristics to identify the user, such as fingerprint/palm/hand scanners, retinal scanners and possibly DNA scanners.pg898

Biometric devices.pg898


Badges can be any form of id intended to differentiate the holder from everyone else. T or F pg898

True. it can be a simple as a name badge or photo ID or smart cards/w a password or PIN. pg898


What are Key fobs? 898

They are security devices that you carry that display a random generated code used for authentication. The code changes very quickly( every 60 seconds), combine your pin and new code for authentication.


Anytime more than one item (factor) is needed to authenticate it is called what?pg899

Multifactor Authentication.pg899


What is a type of badge or card that gives you access to resources, including buildings, parking lots, and computers.pg899

Smart card has (RFID) Radio frequency identification