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Filenames appearing in quotation marks can be used to start the utility without needing to go through the Control Panel dialog boxes. T or Fpg711

False. They need to be in (parentheses).pg711


The ability to use so many different languages is done by using what standard.pg713

Unicode standard.pg713 In Unicode and (UCS) Unicode Character Set each character has a 16-bit value which allows to be interpreted/represented by 65,536 different entities.pg713


What applet is used when you want to configure the browser environment and programs used to work with files found online?pg714

Internet Options Applet.pg714


Folder Options Applet are used for what?pg714

It is used to make important files or folders that are hidden by default for security, visible.pg714


Which applet is one of the most important and it appears with System Properties in the title bar, and make configuration changes to Window.pg716

System Applet.pg716


What is the tab that defines whether the machine is in a workgroup or a domain environment.pg716

Computer Name.pg716


What is the difference between workgroup and domain environment?pg716

Workgroup--loosely associated computers, own security authority that share group name.
Domain--tightly connected, common name, and single authority(domain controller). security manager.pg716


Microsoft invented what technique to minimize the risks with adding third-party software?pg717

Driver signing.pg717


What are the subheadings for the Advanced tab?pg718

Performance, Environment Variables, User Profiles, Startup And Recovery.pg719


What Applet is known as Security Center in Windows Vista---- manage the firewall, automatic updates, virus protection?pg720

Action Center Applet.pg720