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Political participation

Activities citizens undertake to influence government behavior


Popular sovereignty

The principle that the authority to make decisions on behalf of society belongs to the people


Paradox of voting

The notion that people still vote despite the fact that the individual costs of voting often outweigh the individual benefits


Voter registration

A process by which citizens enroll themselves with the government to gain permission to vote in an election


Political knowledge

A general understanding of how the political system works, and who runs the government


Help America Vote Act

(2002) A federal law meant to
reduce barriers to participation
in elections


Vote by mail

A program in many states that allows voters to mail in their ballots rather than appearing in person at a polling place


The franchise

(suffrage) The right to vote


Voting Rights Act of 1965

A federal law that made it a priority of the national government to enforce provisions of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, leading to major improvements in voting rights for blacks, other minorities, and the poor


Voter turnout

The proportion of potential voters who vote in a given election


Voter mobilization

Efforts by organizations to facilitate or encourage voting


Socioeconomic status

(SeS) A measure of the way that individuals are regarded within a society by virtue of their wealth, income, education, and profession