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How did military uniform combinations evolve intowhat Air Force personnel wear today? (417)

From a design with many devices and accouterments to onethat is plain yet distinctive, presenting the appearance of amilitary professional.


Where can you find official guidance on uniformitems and combinations? ( 417)

AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air ForcePersonnel.


When wearing the uniform, you must 1) adhere tostandards of neatness, cleanliness, safety, uniformity andmilitary image; and 2) present the appearance of a disciplinedservice member. Name three additional requirements.(417)

You must 3) procure and maintain all mandatory clothingitems; 4) follow local supplements and procedures; and 5)keep your uniforms neat, clean, pressed, buttoned andproperly maintained.


While in uniform, you may not walk while smoking,using smokeless tobacco, drinking or eating. What otherrestrictions apply? ( 417)

You may not 1) stand or walk with your hands in your pockets,other than to insert or remove items; or 2) walk in uniformwhile using personal electronic media devices, includingear pieces, speaker phones or text messaging, unless requiredfor emergencies or when official notifications arenecessary.


When enlisted members must wear ___ or functionalitems, installation commanders provide them at nocost. (417)



When performing duties on other services' installations,members must comply with the other service's orderof dress. T/F (417)

True. (Provided their standards are not less restrictive thanthe Air Force's.)


You must wear your uniform when you depart froma military airfield on DoD aircraft or US governmentcommercial contracted flights. T IF (417)

False. (It is optional.)


Civilian clothing worn when departing from a militaryairfield on DoD aircraft or US government commercialcontract flight must meet what standards? (417)

It must be neat, clean, and appropriate for intlight operations,the mode of travel and destination.


List some clothing items considered inappropriatewhen departing from a military airfield on DoD aircraftor a US government commercial contracted flight. (417)

Ripped, tom, frayed or patched clothing; tank tops; shorts;short skirts; undergarments worn as outer garments; bathingsuits; and any garments that are revealing or display obscene,profane or lewd words or drawings.


Is the ABU acceptable when traveling between military installations? (417)



Name three of the four restrictions on wearing theuniform. (417)

Any three of the following: do not wear the uniform 1) ifuniform items don't meet Air Force specifications; 2) at apublic event or public demonstration, if wearing it impliesAir Force sanction of a cause; 3) to further political activities;or 4) for private employment or commercial interests.


Men and women's hair must be clean, well-groomedand neat, with a minimum amount of grooming aids. Canhair be dyed? (417)

Yes, if it looks natural.


Hair will not touch the eyebrows or protrude belowthe front band of properly worn headgear. What exceptionapplies for women? (417)

Hair may be visible in front of the women's flight cap.


Men's hair must have a(n) __ appearance on both sides and back, with and without headgear. (418)



Men's hair will not exceed __ inch(es) in bulk,regardless of length, and will not exceed __ inch( es) atthe natural termination point. (418)

l l/4 inches; 1/4 inch.


Men's and women's hair is not worn in extreme orfad styles. It cannot exceed length or __ standards, orviolate safety requirements. (418)



Men's hair will not touch the ears. What part is allowedto touch the collar? (418)

Only the closely cut or shaved hair on the back of the neck.


For men, the block cut is permitted with a taperedappearance. T/F (418)



May men shave their head, wear a flat-top or have amilitary high-and-tight haircut? (418)

Yes. (Women may not.)


Women's hairstyles must present a(n) __ appearance.(418)



Women's hair cannot extend below an invisible linedrawn parallel to the ground at the __ edge of theshirt collar, regardless of length. (418)



Which of these items may not be worn in women'shair - conservative hairpins, scrunchies, headbands,combs, elastic bands or barrettes? (418)



What are the length and bulk limitations for women'shair? (418)

Hair must be at least l inch in length, not to exceed 3 inchesin bulk.


What are the standards for women wearing hair pinsand headbands? (418)

They must match the hair color


For women, long hair worn in a bun must be securedwith no loose ends. What are the standards for wearingbangs? (418)

If worn, they will not touch the eyebrows.


For women, what are the standards for wearing hairin a ponytail? (418)

It must be pulled all the way through the elastic band hangingnaturally downward and not extend below the collar.


What are the standards for wigs and hairpieces?(418)

They must 1) be in accordance with the standards for naturalhair; 2) be of good quality; 3) fit properly; and 4) not exceedthe limits for natural hair.


Are personnel working in aircraft flightline or inflightoperations authorized to wear wigs or hairpieces?(418)



When can beards be worn? (418)

Only for health reasons, when authorized by a commanderon the advice of a medical official.


If your commander authorizes a beard, your facialhair must be trimmed to not exceed __ inch(es) inlength. (418)

l/4 inch.


If granted a shaving waiver, can you shave any facialhair? (418)



Describe the appearance standards for mustaches.(418

Mustaches cannot extend downward beyond the upper lipline or extend sideways beyond a vertical line drawn upwardfrom the comers of the mouth.


Sideburns must be neatly trimmed and tapered inthe same manner as the haircut, straight and of evenwidth, and end in a clean-shaven horizontal line. Whatare the length limits? (418)

They will not extend below the lowest part of the exterior earopening.


What are the standards for women's cosmetics?(418)

They must be conservative and in good taste, and will not beworn in field conditions.


Fingernails must not extend more thaninch( es) past the tip of the finger. (418)

1/4 inch.


Other than length, what are the appearance standardsfor fingernails? (418)

They must be clean, well-groomed and not interfere withduty performance or hinder proper fit of prescribed safetyequipment or uniform items.


What are the Air Force standards for nail polish? (418)

It must be a single color (with no decorations) that complementsskin tone or a French manicure if worn. Bright andother extreme colors are not authorized.


What is the difference between unauthorized andinappropriate tattoos and brands? (418)

Unauthorized tattoos and brands are prohibited in and out ofuniform. They must be removed at your own expense in atimely manner or you may be involuntarily separated. Inappropriatetattoos and brands are those considered excessive.


What kinds of tattoos and brands are unauthorized,in and out of uniform? (418)

Those that are 1) obscene or advocate sexual, racial, ethnicor religious discrimination; 2) prejudicial to good order anddiscipline; and 3) of a nature that tends to bring discreditupon the Air Force.


How is "excessive" defined for inappropriate tattoosand brands? (418)

Any tattoos or brands that exceed one-fourth coverage of theexposed body part and those visible above the collarbonewhen wearing an open-collar uniform or visible through theuniform.


Who determines the acceptability of tattoos displayedwhile in uniform? (419)

Commanders, using AFI 36-2903 as guidance.


What will you be required to do if you have inappropriatetattoos? (419)

I) Maintain complete coverage using current uniform items;or 2) volunteer to remove them. (Members who choose notto comply are subject to disciplinary action.)


Can commanders seek Air Force medical support forvoluntary tattoo removal? (419)

Yes, depending on the circumstances.


In uniform or civilian attire, women may wear oneset of earrings. This authorization is separate from allother body piercing standards. T/F (419)



What are the body piercing standards while in uniformor in civilian attire while on official duty or off-dutyon a military installation? (419)

Members are prohibited from attaching, affixing or displayingobjects, articles, jewelry or ornamentation to or throughthe ear (males), nose, tongue, eyebrows, lips or any exposedbody part (including being visible through the uniform).


Who may impose more restrictive standards for tattoos,brands, body markings and ornaments, on- or offduty,in locations where the Air Force-wide standards may not be adequate to address cultural sensitivities ormission requirements? (419)

MAJCOM Commanders (MAJCOM/CC).


MAJCOM Commanders (MAJCOM/CC) can imposeeven more restrictive standards for tattoos, brands,body markings and ornaments on those performing highlyvisible special mission requirements or special dutypositions. T/F (419)

True. (These include but are not limited to I) permanentlyassigned recruiters; 2) ROTC cadre; 3) Officer TrainingSchool (OTS) cadre; 4) US Air Force Academy (USAFA)cadre; 5) Military Training Instructors (MTI); 6) MilitaryTraining Leaders (MTL); and 7) instructors in any trainingenvironment.)


Individuals are prohibited from pursuing body alterationsor modifications if it is and results in avisible, physical effect that detracts from a professionalmilitary image. (419)



For social or official functions, the mess dress uniformis mandatory. T/F (419)

False. (The semiformal service dress may also be worn.)


Are nametags and headgear worn with the messdress uniform? (419)



Is saluting required when in mess dress uniform?(419)



What items comprise the mess dress uniform? (419-420)

1) Jacket; 2) trousers/skirt; 3) shirt/blouse; 4) tie/tie tab; 5)cuff-links; 6) studs; 7) cummerbund; 8) suspenders; and 9)shoes.


The mess dress jacket (men and women) is semifitted,single-breasted and straight-backed. What is positioneddiagonally on each side of the lapel? ( 419)

Three wing and star buttons.


Women's mess dress jackets have a satin shawl collarand lapels and a front link chain closure. T/F (419)

False. (There is no front link chain closure.)


Men's mess dress jackets have a front link chain closurewith a(n) __ on each end. (419)



What standards apply to the mess dress jacket'ssleeves? (419)

All jacket sleeves end approximately 114 to 1/2 inch belowthe wrist.


What size chevrons do men and women wear on themess dress jacket? (419)

Men - 4-inch chevrons. Women - 3 1/2- or 4-inch chevrons.


The shade and material of the mess dress uniformjacket and trousers or skirt must match. T/F (419)



What accouterments are worn on the mess dressjacket? (419)

Occupational, duty, miscellaneous badges and commandinsignia.


On the mess dress jacket, aeronautical, space, cyberand chaplain badges are optional. T/F (419)

False. (They are mandatory.)


Will miniature medals be worn on the mess dressjacket? (419)



Men's mess dress trousers are high rise with sidepockets and __ -inch blue striping, and without cuffsor pleats. (420)



Women's mess dress skirts must be ankle length andhang straight. What are the other requirements? (420)

They must have l) a one panel front and a one or two panelback; and 2) a seam on the left side split to the top of theknee (or an A-line style without the split).


The mess dress shirt/blouse is a conventional white,long-sleeved dress type with a turndown collar andFrench cuffs with pleats. Women may wear the longsleevedblouse with barrel cuffs. May the shirt/blousehave military creases? (420)

No. (They are prohibited.)


What are the mess dress tie requirements for menand women? (420)

Men wear the blue satin bow tie (5 to 5 1/2 inches long).Women wear the blue satin inverted-V tie tab with selffasteningtails.


On the mess dress uniform, cuff links and studs are__ for men and __ for women. (420)

Mandatory; optional.


What type of cuff links may be worn on the messdress uniform? (420)

Either l) silver, satin finish or highly polished with the "wingand star" design; 2) silver, highly polished with the Air Forcesymbol; or 3) plain silver, highly polished, commercial designwith dimensions and shape similar to the "wing andstar" cuff links.


Studs worn on the mess dress uniform do not need tomatch the cuff links. T/F (420)



Men and women wear the blue satin cummerbundwith the mess dress uniform. It must be pleated andwithout design. What direction must the open edges ofthe pleats face? (420)



Men may wear suspenders with the mess dress outfitas long as they are not visible when wearing the jacket.What colors are approved? (420)

Solid white, blue or black.


What shoes must men and women wear with themess dress uniform? (420)

Men wear low quarter shoes; women wear pumps.


Socks are required outer garment for the mess dressuniform (hose for women). Name three other outer garmentsor accessories that may be included. (420)

Any of the following: 1) top coat or all-weather coat; 2)black scarf; 3) black gloves; 4) blue winter cap; 5) blackearmuffs; and 6) handbags (for women).


What three items comprise the service dress uniform?(420-421)

The 1) blue service coat and trousers/slacks or skirt; 2) lightblue long- or short-sleeved shirt; and 3) polyester herringbonetwill tie for men or blue satin inverted-V tie tab forwomen.


With arms hanging naturally, where should thesleeves of the service coat end? (420)

Approximately 1/4 to 112 inch below the wrist.


Ensure the bottom edge of the service coat extends__ inch( es) below the top of the thigh. (420)

3 to 3 112 inches.


What six mandatory accouterments are worn withthe service dress coat? (420-421)

1) US lapel insignia; 2) nametag; 3) ribbons; 4) chevrons; 5)chaplain, aeronautical, space and cyberspace badges; and 6)necktie/inverted-V tie tab.


How is the US lapel insignia properly placed on theservice dress coat? (420)

HalfWay up the seam, resting on but not over it, with the"U.S." letters parallel with the ground.


What distinguishes enlisted US lapel insignias fromthose worn by officers? (420)

They have circles around the US. (Officer insignias do nothave circles.)


he nametag is engraved metal with a brushed satinfinish and blue letters. How is it placed on the servicecoat? (420)

Centered on the right side between the sleeve seam and thefold of the lapel, with the bottom of the nametag parallelwith the bottom of the ribbons.


How are ribbons properly placed on the service dresscoat? (420)

Centered, resting on but not over the edge of the welt pocket,with a maximum of four devices on each ribbon. (Wear allauthorized ribbons and devices.)


How are men's 4-inch and women's 3 112- or 4-inchsleeve chevrons properly worn on the service dress coat?(421)

Centered halfWay between the shoulder seam and elbow(when the arm is bent at a 90-degree angle).


What optional accouterments may be worn with theservice dress coat? (421)

Badges (other than chaplain, aeronautical, space and cyberspacebadges which are mandatory), and tie tack/clasp.


Wear only highly-polished, midsized or regularbadges on the service dress coat. Do not mix sizes. T/F(421, 421-Note)

True. (Also, the oxidized heritage wings and medical badgeare authorized to wear.)


Where should you place the aeronautical, occupationalor miscellaneous badge on your service dress coat?(421)

Centered 112 inch above the top row of ribbons. Center anadditional badge 112 inch above the first one. Men center theduty or miscellaneous badge 1-1/2 inches below the top ofthe welt pocket and/or on the right side, centered 1-112 inchesbelow the nametag. Women center the duty or miscellaneousbadges 1/2 inch above the nametag and 1/2 inch apart.Center a third badge 1/2 inch above the nametag.


No more than __ badges will be worn on the servicedress uniform at one time. (421)



Where do you center the optional tie tack/clasp when wearing the service dress coat? (421)

Between the bottom edge of the knot and the bottom tip of I. ,the tie.


What items comprise the service uniform? (421)

The 1) light blue, long- or short-sleeved shirt/blouse; and 2)trousers/slacks or skirt.


What are the sleeve requirements for the shortsleevedshirt/blouse? (421)

The sleeve must barely touch or come within 1 inch oftouching the forearm when the arm is bent at a 90-degreeangle.


When are the tie (men) and tie tab (women) not optionalwith the short-sleeved shirt/blouse? (421)

When worn with the service dress uniform.


What are the mandatory accouterments for the serviceuniform? (421)

The nametag, chevrons and aeronautical, space, cyber andchaplain badges.


On the service uniform, how must men and womenplace the blue nametag? (421)

Men center the nametag on (but not over) the edge of the right pocket. Women center the nametag on the right side,even with to 1 1/2 inches higher or lower than the first exposedbutton.


Where are the chevrons placed on the service uniform?(421)

Center the 3 1/2-inch sleeve chevron halfWay between theshoulder seam and bottom edge of the sleeve.


What are the optional accouterments of the serviceuniform? (421)

Ribbons and badges (other than aeronautical, space, cyberand chaplain).


Where should men place ribbons on the service uniform?(421)

Centered, resting on but not over the edge of the left pocketbetween the left and right edges.


Where should women place ribbons on the serviceuniform? (421)

Centered on the left side, parallel with the ground, aligningthe bottom of the ribbons with the bottom of the nametag.


Air Force members may only wear authorizedawards and devices when wearing ribbons. When any are Vworn, all ribbons and devices must be worn. Name threeadditional requirements. (421)

1) Keep ribbons clean and unfrayed with no visible protectivecoating; 2) wear the ribbon with the highest precedencenearest the lapel on the top row; and 3) do not wear ribbonson outer garments.


A maximum of __ earned badges may be worn onany blue service uniform. (421)



A maximum of __ badges may be worn on the leftside of the service uniform above ribbons (or pocket, ifribbons are not worn). (421)

Two. (Wear only aeronautical, occupational and miscellaneousbadges in this location.)


____ and space badges are worn above occupationaland miscellaneous badges on the service uniform. (421)

Aeronautical. (When more than one aeronautical badge isworn, the second badge becomes optional.)


A maximum of two occupational badges may beworn on the service uniform. The badge representing thecurrent career field, regardless of the level earned, isworn in the top position. What is the exception? (421)

Chaplain and aeronautical badges are always worn in the topposition when wearing two occupational badges.


Badges worn with the service uniform must be highlypolished. T/F (422)

True, except the heritage wings. (Midsized or regular; do notmix sizes.)


The __ badge may be worn with midsized or regularbadges. (422-Note)



.0n men's service uniforms, 1) aeronautical, space,cyberspace and chaplain badges are mandatory, othersoptional; 2) center the aeronautical, occupational, miscellaneous,etc., badge 1/2 inch above ribbons (or pocket, ifnot wearing ribbons); and 3) center an additional badge1/2 inch above the first. Where should men center theduty or miscellaneous badge? (422)

On the lower left pocket, between the left and right edgesand bottom of the flap and bottom of the pocket. Center asecond duty or miscellaneous badge on the right pocket inthe same location. (Exception: the missile badge is only worncentered on the left pocket.)


On women's service uniforms: 1) aeronautical, space,cyberspace and chaplain badges are mandatory, othersoptional; 2) center the aeronautical, occupational, miscellaneous,etc., badge 1/2 inch above the ribbons. Whereshould women center the badge when not wearing ribbons?(422)

Parallel to the nametag. Center an additional badge 1/2 inchabove the first. Center the duty and miscellaneous badge 1/2 inch above the nametag. (Exception: the missile badge canbe centered 1 1/2 inches below the bottom of the ribbons oron the right side 1/2 inch above the nametag.)


What are the standards for wearing the long-sleevedshirt/blouse? (422)

The 1) collar shows 1/4 or 1/2 inch above the coat collar,with arms hanging naturally and sleeves extended to 1/4 to1/2 inch below the wrist; 2) men's shirt has two pleatedpockets and convertible cuffs; 3) women's blouse will have atapered fit (optional for men); and 4) military creases areprohibited.


The mandatory and optional accouterments for thelong-sleeved shirt/blouse are the same as for the shortsleevedshirt/blouse, with what exception? (422)

The tie or tab is mandatory when wearing the long-sleevedshirt/blouse.


For men, the polyester or silk herringbone twill tie ismandatory when wearing the service dress uniform, includingthe semiformal uniform and long-sleeved shirt.List the five additional tie requirements. (422)

The tie 1) must not have a design or sheen; 2) can be 2 or 3inches wide; 3) may be tapered at the center with a pointedend; 4) can be polyester, silk, wool, synthetic or blendedfubric; and 5) may be woven or pre-tied.


The women's tie tab is a blue inverted-V, constructedof a polyester herringbone with self-fastening tails. Whenis it a mandatory accouterment? (422)

When wearing the service dress uniform, the semiformaluniform or long-sleeved blouse.


Men's trousers are trim-fitted. How must women'sslacks fit? ( 422)

The slacks fit naturally over the hips with no bunching at thewaist or bagging at the seat.


What are the length requirements for men's trousersand women's slacks? (422)

The bottom front of the trousers/slacks rests on the front ofthe shoe or boot with a slight break in the crease. The bottomback of the trousers/slacks legs is approximately 7/8 inchlonger than the front.


With trousers/slacks and skirts, the silver tip of thebelt extends beyond the buckle facing the wearer's ___for men and ___ for women, with no blue fabric showingbetween the buckle and belt tip. (422)

Left for men; right for women.


Skirts must hang naturally over the hips with a slightflare. What are the length requirements? (422)

No shorter than the top of the kneecap or longer than thebottom of the kneecap.


How is the flight cap worn? (422)

Slightly to the wearer's right with the vertical crease of thecap in line with the center of the forehead, in a straight linewith the nose, approximately 1 inch from the eyebrows.


Where should the flight cap be tucked when it's notworn? (422)

Under the belt on the wearer's left side for men (either sidefor women), between the first and second belt loops. (Do notfold the cap over the belt.)


Women's hose must be patternless commercial sheernylon of what color(s)? (422)

Neutral, dark brown, black, off-black or dark blue shadesthat complement the uniform and the individual's skin tone.(They must be worn with the skirt.)


The black oxford, lace-up style low quarter shoeshave no design and may have a plain rounded toe orplain rounded capped toe; and are made of smooth orscotch-grained leather or man-made material with anoptional high gloss or patent finish. Describe the sole andheel requirements. (422)

The sole will not exceed I 12 inch in thickness and the heelwill not exceed 1 inch in height (measured from the insidefront of the heel). The heel may have a low wedge.


What kind of socks are required with low quartershoes? (422,422-Note)

Plain black socks without design. 0N omen may wear hose.)


Women may wear pumps with the blue service uniform.They must be a plain black commercial designwithout ornamentation, made of smooth or scotchgrainedleather or man-made material, with a high glossor patent finish. Describe the heel requirement. (423)

The heel height should be no higher than 2 1/2 inches (measuredfrom inside sole of the shoe to the end of the heel lift).


May faddish style pumps be worn with women's blueservice uniform? (423)

No. (No extreme toes - pointed or squared - or extreme heelshapes are allowed.)


May black combat boots be worn with the servicedress and services uniforms? (423)

Yes. (Except when wearing a skirt, maternity service dressand/or maternity jumper.)


What are the laces requirements for black combatboots? (423)

They will either be tied and tucked into the boot or tied andwrapped around the boot. (No "bowtie" boot laces.)


Black combat boots may be worn with or without asafety toe. T/F (423)

True. (Boots may also have a plain rounded toe, roundedcapped toe with or without perforated seam and a high glossor patent finish.)


What uniforms does the ABU replace? (423)

The temperate and hot weather BDU and the DCU.


When may ABUs be worn off base? (423)

For short convenience stops and when eating at restaurantswhere people wear comparable civilian attire. They may notbe worn in restaurants where most diners wear business attireor in establishments that operate primarily to serve alcohol.


The ABU is a wash-and-wear uniform. May it bestarched or hot pressed? (423)

No. (Low-heat ironing is permitted.)


What seven items comprise the ABU configuration?(423)

I) Shirt; 2) trousers; 3) patrol cap; 4) t-shirt; 5) rigger belt; 6)boots; and 7) socks.


What are the requirements if you wear the ABU uniformwith the sleeves rolled up? (423)

The sleeve material must match the shirt and will touch orcome within I inch of the forearm when the arm is bent at a90-degree angle. The chevrons do not need to be fully visiblebut rank must be distinguishable.


Where are the tapes placed on the ABU shirt? (423)

Center the "U.S. AIR FORCE" tape immediately above theleft breast pocket. Center the name tape (last name only)immediately above the right breast pocket. Cut off or foldtapes to match pocket width.


Where are chevrons placed on the ABU shirt? (423)

Centered halfuray between the shoulder seam and elbowwhen the arm is bent at a 90-degree angle.


0ccupational, chaplain, aeronautical, space and cyberspacebadges are mandatory wear for ABUs. T/F(423)

False. (Occupational badges are optional.)


When wearing ABUs, no more than a combined totalof __ chaplain, aeronautical, space, cyberspace oroccupational badges may be worn on the wearer's left. I. ,(423)



If authorized, what are the only items worn on the~ wearer's left ABU pocket? (423)

The Security Forces, Fire Protection and OSI duty shieldsand the missile badge.


Are badges, patches or insignias authorized for wearon the ABU right pocket? (423)



ABU trousers must be evenly __ over or tuckedinto the top of combat boots. (423)



When wearing ABUs, the tip of the belt may extendup to __ inch( es) beyond the buckle and faces towardthe wearer's left for men, or either side for women. (423)

2 inches.


ABU patrol caps are authorized headgear for wearwith the ABU, but organizational caps are never authorized.T/F (423)

False. (REDHORSE and Combat Arms Training andMaintenance (CATM) caps while on the range.)


Describe the ABU t-shirt. (423)

Light tan/sand-colored crewneck.


ABU boots are authorized for wear with allutility uniforms. ( 423)

Sage green.


Desert tan boots cannot be worn with ABUs. T/F(423)

False. (They can be worn if authorized by the Theater commanderfor wear only in theater.)


Describe the standards for the PT shirt. (424)

The shirt may be long- or short-sleeved and must be tuckedin.


May the lining of PT shorts be removed? (424)

Yes. (Do not modify other PT items.)


What may be worn and visible under PT runningshorts? (424)

Short-, mid- and full-length solid black or dark blue formfittingsportswear.


When worn, the PT jacket may be zipped or unzipped.T/F (424)

False. (It must be zipped at least haltway.)


What are the appearance standards for PT socks and shoes? (424)

Socks must be white, any length and may have small conservativetrademark logos. Athletic-style shoes are authorized.


Are hats and knit winter caps authorized with thePT Uniform? (424)

Yes. (During personal PT.)


Who determines authorized headgear during organizedPT? (424)



When are bandanas and similar headscarves andheadgear authorized with the PT Uniform? (424)

When due to a medical waiver condition.


What rule applies when wearing PT Uniform itemswith conservative civilian attire? (424)

It is authorized during individual/personal PT or while offduty.


What are the accessory standards for wearingwatches and bracelets when in uniform? (424)

Bracelets (no wider than 1/2 inch) and watches must be conservative,worn around the wrist and must not present a safetyhazard.


When in uniform, what are the accessory standardsfor wearing rings? (424)

1) No more than three rings may be worn; 2) they must beworn on the base of the finger; and 3) thumb rings are notauthorized.


What are the accessory standards for wearing necklaceswhen in uniform? (424)

They may be worn if concealed under a collar or undershirt.


Women may wear a set of small spherical, conservative,round diamond, gold, white pearl or silver matchingearrings with any uniform combination. What are the fitrequirements? (424)

They must fit tightly without extending below the earlobe(except the connecting band on clip earrings).


When in uniform, what are the standards for eyeglasses,sunglasses and wraparound sunglasses with conservativeornamentation? (424)

1) The frames must be black or brown material, or gold orsilver wire; and 2) any logo on the frames or lenses of brandname glasses must be small and of the same color.


What rules apply when wearing sunglasses outdoorswhen in uniform? (424)

They 1) must have conservative lenses and frames; 2) cannothave faddish styles or mirrored lenses; and 3) are not permittedin formation, unless authorized for medical reasons.


Eyeglasses and sunglasses may be worn around theneck when in uniform. T/F (424)

False. (Nor may they be worn on top/back of the head orexposed hanging on the uniform.)


When in uniform, pencils and pens must be concealed,with what exception? (424)

They may be carried in the appropriate compartments of theABU.


How many PDAs, pagers or cell phones may be wornon the uniform belt at one time? (424)

Only one. (They must be conservative and solid or coveredin black, silver, dark blue or gray.)


While walking in uniform, what is the use of personalelectronic media devices limited to? (424)

Emergencies or when official notifications are necessary.(Military customs and courtesies take precedence.)


Unless prohibited by the installation commander,when are members in PT Uniform (PTU) authorized touse headphones and earphones? (424)

During individual or personal PT in the fitness center, or ondesignated running areas.


Lanyards for access passes, badges and CommonAccess Cards (CAC) must not present a safety issue. Describethe additional standards. (424)

They will be plain, dark blue or black lanyards with smallsilver or plastic conservative link chains and clear plastic.(Green lanyards may be worn with the ABU.)


When in uniform, what are the accessory standardsfor umbrellas? (424)

They must be plain, black and carried in the left hand.


How should attacbe cases, gym bags and backpacksbe carried when in uniform? (424)

In the left hand, on the left shoulder or both shoulders. (Theyshould not interfere with saluting.)


Only solid black backpacks may be worn with blueuniform combinations. What colors are authorized withthe ABU? (424)

Solid black, olive drab or matching camouflage. (A conservativemanufacturer's logo is allowed.)