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Military __ and __ evolved from a need fororder and from mutual respect and fraternity amongmilitary personnel. (157)

Customs and courtesies.


Beyond basic politeness, why are customs and courtesiesimportant? (157)

They build morale, esprit de corps, discipline and missioneffectiveness, which ensures respect for military membersand builds a foundation for self-discipline.


Name the seven US flag types authorized by the AirForce. (157-158)

1) Installation flag; 2) all-purpose flags; 3) ceremonial flag;4) organizational flag; 5) interment flag; 6) retirement flag;and 7) automobile flags.


Which two flags are flown on installation flagstaffs?(157)

Installation flag and all-weather (storm) flag.


Which flag replaces the installation flag during inclementweather? (157)

The lightweight nylon all-weather (storm) flag (5' x 9'6").


List four uses for the all-purpose flag. (3' x 4'). (157)

1) Outdoor displays with flags of friendly foreign nations; 2)arrival ceremonies for international dignitaries; 3) indicatingjoint occupancy of a building by two or more countries; and4) presentation at retirement ceremonies.


The __ flag is rayon or synthetic material andmeasures 4'4" x 5'6", trimmed on three edges with 2"wideyellow rayon fringe. (157)



The __ flag is rayon or synthetic substitute materialand measures 3' x 4', trimmed on three edges with2"-wide rayon fringe. (157)



Which US flag (5' x 9'6") is authorized to drape overmilitary personnel's or veterans' closed caskets? (158)

Interment flag.


How can you obtain an interment flag? (158)

Submit VA Form 27-2008, Application for United StatesFlag for Burial Purposes, to any regional VA office or USPost Office.


The retirement flag (3' x 4' or 3' x 5') is presented tomembers retiring from the Air Force. What funds areauthorized to purchase it? (158)

Base Operations and Maintenance (O&M) funds.


When is use of the 12" x 18" automobile flag authorized?(158)

For display with the individual automobile flag of the Presidentand Vice President of the United States.


When is use of the 18" x 26" automobile flag authorized?(158)

For display on government automobiles of individuals who \. ,are authorized positional colors.


US flags are typically displayed on buildings andstationary flagstaffs in the open from sunrise to sunset.When may flags be displayed 24 hours a day? (158)

When a patriotic effect is desired after dark. In this case, allflags on display should be properly illuminated.


One installation flag may be flown from a flagstaff infront of installation headquarters from reveille to retreat.Where may additional flagstaffs and flags be placed?(158)

Adjacent to each dependent school on the installation.


To whom should you send written requests for exemptionsfrom installation flag placement policy? (158)

The appropriate MAJCOM vice commander.


How is the installation flag properly raised and lowered?(158)

It should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously.


When should the installation flag not be displayed?(158)

On days when the weather is inclement, unless an allweatherflag is used.


19. When should the US flag be displayed in or nearevery schoolhouse? (158)

During school days.


When carried in a procession (or displayed in a stationaryposition) with another flag or flags, the US flagshould be on the marching right - to the flag's own right(to the far right of all others). Where should it be carriedwhen there is a line of other flags? (158, 159-Fig)

In front of the center line.


When are flags carried by Airmen carried athalfstaff? (158)

They are never carried at halfstaff


How is the US flag displayed with another flag fromcrossed staffs against a wall? (158, 159-Fig)

On the right (to the left of an observer facing the display)with its staff in front of the other flag's staff.


When many flags radiate on staffs from a centralpoint, and no foreign flags are in the display, the US flagwill be in the __ and at the __ point of the group.(158, 159-Fig)

Center; highest.


When a number of flags are displayed from staffs setin a line, all staffs will have the same height and finial.Where is the US flag placed? (158, 160-Fig)

At the right (to the left of an observer facing the display). (Ifthere are no foreign national flags, the US flag may be placedin the center, but at a higher level.)


When flags of two or more nations are displayed,how are they flown? (160)

From separate staffs of the same height and size.


International usage requires you to display the flagsof all nations equally in a time of peace. The flags arealigned alphabetically, using the __ alphabet. (160)

English. (With the US flag at its own right (the observer'sleft).)


In NATO countries, member country flags are displayedin __ alphabetical order. (160)



When the US flag is displayed from a staff projectinghorizontally or at an angle from the windowsill, balconyor front of a building, where should the union be placed?(160, 160-Fig)

At the peak of the staff.


When the US flag is hung horizontally or verticallyagainst a wall, where should the union appear? (160, 161-Fig)

Uppermost and to the flag's own right (to the left of an observerfacing the display).


When displayed in a window, the US flag should bedisplayed with the union uppermost and to the left of anobserver inside the building. T/F (160, 161-Fig)

False, (The union should be to the left of an observer in thestreet.)


When the US flag is displayed over the middle of astreet, it should be suspended vertically with the union tothe ___ on an east-west street, and to the __ on anorth-south street. (161)

North; east.


How is the US flag positioned when displayed flat ona speaker's platform? (161, 161-Fig)

It should be placed above and behind the speaker with theunion to the speaker's right.


How is the US flag displayed from a staff in a churchor public auditorium? (161, 161-Fig)

In a place of honor to the speaker's right, with other flags tothe speaker's left. (The flag holds the position of prominencein front of the audience,)


When the US flag is suspended across a corridor orlobby (including aircraft hangars) in a building with onlyone main entrance, should it be suspended vertically orhorizontally? (161)

Vertically, (With the union of the flag to the observer's leftupon entering.)


When the US flag is suspended across a corridor orlobby (including aircraft hangars) in a building withmore than one main entrance, the flag should be suspendedvertically near the center of the corridor or lobbywith the union to the when the entrances are tothe east and west, or to the __ when the entrances areto the north and south. (161)

North; east.


When three flag staffs of the same height are positionedoutside a building in a straight line, the US flagmay be placed at its own right (use the building lookingout to the flags as the point of reference). What arrangementis also permitted? (161)

The US flag may be positioned on the center staff if it ishigher than the other two staffs,


On a closed casket, place the US flag lengthwise withthe union at the head and over the shoulder of thedeceased. (161, 162-Fig)



When a full-couch casket is opened, remove the USflag and place it in the head end of the casket just abovethe decedent's left shoulder. Into what shape should youfold the flag? (161)

The triangular shape of a cocked hat.


How should you fold the US flag when a half-couchcasket is opened? (161

Fold it over the lower half of the casket in the same relativeposition as when displayed full-length on a closed casket.


On a half-couch casket, is the US flag lowered intothe ground with the deceased? (161)

No. (Do not allow it to touch the ground.)


The US interment flag may be given to the next ofkin at the conclusion of the interment. T/F (161)



How should the US flag be placed when posted orphotographed? (162)

Drape the flag left to right with the blue field on top and thestripes running left to right.


When the US flag is painted or displayed on an aircraftor vehicle, the union is placed toward the __ _and the stripes trail. (162)



Is the US flag ever dipped to any person or thing?(162)



Regimental colors, ___ flags and organizationalor institutional flags are always dipped to the US flag as amark of respect. (162)

State flags.


No disrespect is shown to the US flag; it will not bedipped to any person or thing. List five of the 18 ways thePDG states the US flag should never be used or displayed.(162)

Any five of the following: never 1) display the flag with theunion down (except in dire distress); 2) allow the flag totouch anything beneath it; 3) use the flag to cover a statue ormonument (except for an unveiling); 4) carry the flag flat orhorizontally; 5) use the flag as apparel, bedding or drapery;6) festoon the flag, nor draw it back, up or display in folds -it should always fall free; 7) allow the flag to be easily tom,soiled or damaged; 8) use the flag to cover a ceiling; 9) placeany mark on or attachment to the flag; 10) use the flag as areceptacle; 11) use the flag for advertising of any kind; 12)embroider the flag on articles such as cushions or handkerchiefs;13) print the flag on disposable items; 14) use anypart of the flag as a costume or athletic uniform (except flagpatches and lapel pins); 15) display the flag on a parade float(except from a staff); 16) drape the flag over part of a vehicle,train or boat; 1 7) place another flag or pennant above theUS flag; or 18) place another flag or pennant on the samelevel and to the right of the US flag (except during churchservices conducted by naval chaplains at sea).


Where is the US flag flown at halfstaff on a numberof days throughout the year? (163, 163-Figs)

Throughout the United States, its territories and possessions,and on all DoD buildings, grounds and naval vessels. (SeeDoDI 1005.06, Display of the National Flag at Half-Sta.ff formore information.)


The US flag is flown at halfstaff on Peace Officers'Memorial Day, Patriot Day, National Pearl Harbor RemembranceDay and on the day of the National FallenFirefighters Memorial Service each year. How is it flownon Memorial Day? (163)

At halfstaffuntil noon, then raised to the top of the staff


Other than on the pre-planned dates, under whatcircumstances will all US flags in DoD jurisdiction beflown at halfstaff? (163)

On the death of individuals in accordance with AFI 34-1201,Protocol, or when directed by the President of the UnitedStates or the SecDef


Who ensures the procedures for flying the US flag athalfstaff are properly executed? (163)

The responsible military commander.


Define "half staff." (163)

The flag is flown one-half the distance between the top andbottom of the staff


Describe the procedure for hoisting and lowering theUS flag when displaying it at halfstaff. (163)

First hoist the flag to the peak for an instant and then lower itto the halfstaff position. Raise it to the peak position againbefore lowering it at the end of the day.


All flags displayed with the US flag are flown athalfstaff when the US flag is flown at halfstaff - withwhat exception? (164)

Foreign national flags are exempt from this rule.


Heads of DoD components may direct US flags onbuildings, grounds or naval vessels under their jurisdictionbe flown at halfstaff when they feel it is proper andappropriate. Within the Air Force, to whom is this authoritydelegated? (164)

Installation commanders.


When an installation commander chooses to fly theUS flag at halfstaff for a local death, what measuresshould he or she take to avoid confusion? (164)

State the reason on the base marquee.


How should you dispose of flags no longer fit for display?(164)

They should be destroyed in a dignified manner (preferably by burning), unless they're to be historically preserved. (Theinstallation honor guard or protocol office provide dispositioninstructions.)


May people arrange to purchase flags flown over thecapitol? (164)

Yes. (By contacting their Senator or Representative. A certificatesigned by the architect of the capitol accompanies eachflag.)


What are the official colors of the Air Force seal?(164)

Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow.


What do the 13 stars on the Air Force seal represent?(164)

The original 13 colonies.


What does the American bald eagle on the crest ofthe Air Force seal symbolize? (164)

The United States and its air power.


What does the thunderbolt with flames on the AirForce seal's shield represent? (164)

Striking power through the use of aerospace.


What do the background colors of the thunderbolton the Air Force seal's shield represent? (164)

The top light blue represents the sky, the lower white representsmetal silver.


The Air Force Seal is protected from __ use underTitle 18 of the USC Section 506, Seals of Departmentsor Agencies. (165)



Is falsely making, forging, counterfeiting, mutilatingor altering the Air Force seal or knowingly using or possessingany such altered seal with fraudulent intent punishableby law? (165)



Which publication outlines the authorized uses of theAir Force seal? (165)

AFMAN 33-326, Preparing Official Communications.


When is the Air Force coat of arms authorized forcommercial and/or unofficial use? (165)

When approved by the Secretary of the Air Force, PublicAffairs (SAF/PA).


How is the Coat of Arms protected against unauthorizeduse or alterations to approved versions? (165)

Through a trademark.


What does the official symbol of the US Air Forcehonor and represent? (165)

The heritage of our past and the promise of our future.


What are the two main parts of the Air Force symbol?(165, 165-Fig)

The stylized "Arnold" wings and the star with circle (the coreelements of our Air Corps heritage) - modernized to reflectour air and space force of today and tomorrow.


The stylized wings in the Air Force symbol representthe stripes of our strength - the enlisted men and womenof our force. What do their six sections represent? (165,165-Fig)

Our distinctive capabilities - 1) air and space superiority; 2)global attack; 3) rapid global mobility; 4) precision engagement;5) information superiority; and 6) agile combat support.


What does the sphere in the lower half of the AirForce symbol represent? (165, 165-Fig)

The globe (reminding us of our obligation to secure our nation'sfreedom and our challenge to rapidly respond to crisesand provide decisive air and space power worldwide).


What does the star in the lower half of the Air Forcesymbol represent? (165, 165-Fig)

The star represents the components of our one force and family(active duty, civilians, guard, reserve and retirees). It alsosymbolizes space, is the rallying symbol in all our wars andrepresents the officer corps.


What do the three diamonds in the lower half of theAir Force symbol represent? (165, 165-Fig)

The core values (Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellencein All We Do).


All the elements of the Air Force symbol come togetherin one symbol that presents what two powerfulimages? (165, 165-Fig)

1) An eagle, the emblem of our nation; and 2) a medal, representingvalor in service to our nation.


The Air Force symbol is protected against unauthorizeduse or alterations to approved versions through aregistered trademark. T/F (165)



DoD employees and their immediate families have animplied license to use the Air Force symbol on personalproducts, with what restrictions? (165)

Only for internal use, not for retail sales, advertising or potential endorsements.


May the Air Force symbol be used for commercialpurposes? (165)

Yes. (If a license agreement has been obtained.)


What must all personnel outside in uniform do duringthe raising and lowering of the flag? (166)

Face the flag and salute.


How long should you hold the salute during the nationalanthem or "To the Colors"? (166)

Until the last note of music is played.


If you're in a moving vehicle, what should you dowhen you hear the national anthem or "To the Colors"start to play? (166)

Stop at the first note of music and sit quietly until it ends.


What should you do during the national anthem or"To the Colors" if you are wearing civilian clothes? (166)

Face the flag (or sound of the music) and stand at attentionwith your right hand over your heart, or render a salute.


Do you need to stand and salute indoors during retreator reveille? (166)

No. (However, you must stand during the playing of the nationalanthem before a showing of a movie at the base theater.)


A folded flag is considered cased and does not requirea salute. T/F (166)



Saluting is a courteous exchange of greetings. Whosalutes first? (166)v

The junior member.


85. What item is rendered a salute as a sign of respect?(166)

The flag.


When may any Airman, NCO or officer who recognizesa need to salute, or a need to return one, do so?(166)

Anytime, anywhere.


When you return or render an individual salute,what parts of your body should you turn toward the flagor person being saluted? (166)

Your head and eyes.


When you meet an officer outside a building and \..Iyou're both in uniform, what should you do? (166)

Initiate the salute upon recognition, allowing him or her timeto return it.


If your hands are full when you approach an officer,what type of greeting is appropriate? (166)

A verbal greeting without saluting.


A junior member salutes an officer carrying articlesin both hands. What should the officer do? (166)

Nod or verbally acknowledge the salute.


If you're in formation and an officer approaches,who calls the group to attention and salutes for them?(166)

The person in charge of the group.


In formation, when do members salute or return asalute? (166)

Only when given the command to do so.


If you're part of a group not in formation, who callsthe group to attention? Who salutes? (166)

The first person to see the officer calls the group to attention.Everyone faces the officer and salutes.


Are salutes required between individuals at publicgatherings, such as sporting events and meetings? (166)



Exchanging salutes between military pedestrians(including gate sentries) and officers in a moving vehicleis not mandatory. T/F (166)

True. (Unless officer passengers are readily identifiable.)


True. (Unless officer passengers are readily identifiable.)



Persons in uniform may salute civilians. T/F (166)

True. (Always salute the President and, if appropriate, militarymembers in civilian clothes.)


In a work detail, who salutes? (166)

The person in charge salutes for the whole detail.


While in uniform at a military funeral, when do yousalute? (166)

As the caisson or hearse passes by and as the casket is carriedby your position. Also, during the firing of volleys andthe playing of Taps.


When is it appropriate to salute indoors? (167)

In a formal reporting situation.


___ is defined as common, everyday courtesy. (167)



What is the general rule for addressing civil servantsproperly? (167)

Use the last name with Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms, unless requestedto do otherwise.


Gossip leads to low morale within the unit. T/F (167)

True. (Don't gossip and discourage others from gossiping.)


Give some examples of proper telephone etiquette.(167)

1) Be polite and identify yourself and your organization; 2)offer to take a message or help the caller when someone isunavailable; 3) write down the individual's name, organization,phone number and message; and 4) pass the informationon to the intended recipient.


Why shouldn't you lean or sit on desks, lean back ina chair or put your feet on desks? (167)

Because it doesn't present a professional military image.


What are some good general rules for military etiquette?(167)

Use common sense, be considerate of others and insist thatyour subordinates do the same.


You should extend the same military courtesies tomembers of all US service branches. T/F (167)



Should you salute commissioned officers of friendlyUN forces and nations? (167)



As an NCO, you must learn the identifying insigniaof the military grades of all nations. T/F (167)

False. (However, you should learn the insignia of the mostfrequently contacted nations, particularly during an overseasassignment or deployment.)


What happens when courtesy falters within a unit?(167)

Discipline stops functioning and the mission is endangered.


In the Air Force, the position or place of honor is onthe __ . (167)



When you accompany or join a person senior to you,what position should you take? (167)

The position to the senior's left.


What should you do when a senior officer enters ordeparts the room? (168)

Rise and stand at attention.


Who calls a group to attention when an officer entersa room? (168)

The first person to see the officer.


When wouldn't a group be called to attention whenan officer enters a room? (168)

When an officer of equal or higher rank is already in theroom.


Junior members enter a vehicle or boaton the senior's __ . (168)

First; left.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force? (168-Fig)

CMSAF; Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force or Chief.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor a Chief Master Sergeant? (168-Fig)

CMSgt; Chief Master Sergeant or Chief.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor a Senior Master Sergeant? (168-Fig)

SMSgt; Senior Master Sergeant or Sergeant.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor a Master Sergeant? (168-Fig)

MSgt; Master Sergeant or Sergeant.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor a Technical Sergeant? (168-Fig)

TSgt; Technical Sergeant or Sergeant.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor a Staff Sergeant? (168-Fig)

SSgt; Staff Sergeant or Sergeant.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor a Senior Airman? (168-Fig)

SrA; Senior Airman or Airman.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of address for an Airman First Class? (168-Fig)

AIC; Airman First Class or Airman.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor an Airman? (168-Fig)

Arnn; Airman.


What is the abbreviation and proper term of addressfor an Airman Basic? (168-Fig)

AB; Airman Basic or Airman.


__ signals the start of the official duty day. (168)



Where and when does reveille take place? (168)

Near the base flagstaff after sunrise. (Depending on the timedesignated by the commander.)


How and when is reveille in the unit area held? (168)

It is normally held with the formation of squadron in line andused when a reveille ceremony is not held at the base flagstaff.


What commands are used during the reveille ceremony?(168)

"Parade, REST," "SOUND REVEILLE," "Squadron, ATTENTION,""Present, ARMS" and "Order, ARMS."


When practical, who makes up the flag security detailfor raising the flag? (168)

One NCO and two Airmen to hoist the flag.


The flag is raised and lowered from the __ side ofthe flagstaff. (169)



What two-fold purpose does the retreat ceremonyserve? (169)

To signal the end of the official duty day and to pay respectto the US flag.


Where does a retreat ceremony take place? (169)

In the squadron area, base parade ground or near the baseflagstaff.


What factors determine whether units are formed inline, or massed for a retreat ceremony at the flagstaff?(169)

The size and number of units and the available space.


Before the band or recorded music starts to playretreat, who orders "SOUND RETREAT"? (169)

The commander.


How is the flag lowered while the band plays the nationalanthem or a bugler plays "To the Colors"? (169)

Slowly and with dignity by the junior members of the flagsecurity detail.


Which member of the flag security detail remains atattention while the flag is folded? (169)

The senior member. (Unless needed to control the flag.)


The flag is folded in the triangular shape of a cockedhat. What part should be visible? (171-Fig)

Only the blue field.


When practical, who lowers the all-purpose flag?(170)

One NCO and three Airmen.


When practical, who lowers the installation flag?(170)

One NCO and five Airmen.


How is the lowering of the flag coordinated with themusic (national anthem or "To the Colors")? (170)

They should end at the same time.


How do you lower a flag flown at halfstaff? (170)

Briskly hoist it to the staff head as retreat sounds, then loweron the first note of the national anthem or "To the Colors."


In military formations and ceremonies, the Pledge ofAllegiance is not recited by military personnel. T IF (170)



What do military personnel do during the Pledge ofAllegiance at outdoor protocol functions and social andsporting events that include civilian participants? (170)

Stand at attention, remain silent, face the flag and render thehand salute.


Military members stand at attention, remain silentand face the flag without rendering the hand salute forthe Pledge of Allegiance during indoor protocol functionsand social and sporting events that include civilian participants.T IF (170)

True. (Reciting the pledge is optional for those in uniform, ifthe participants are primarily civilians and military in civilianattire.)


At protocol functions and social and sporting events,military members in __ , recite the Pledge of Allegiancewhile standing at attention, facing the flag with theright hand over the heart. (170)

Civilian attire.


During the Pledge of Allegiance, men in civilian attirewearing a head cover should remove it with the _____hand and hold it over their _____ shoulder.(170)

Right; left. (Hand over the heart.)


The only authorized flag folding script is the onedeveloped by the Air Force that provides a(n) __ perspectiveon the US flag. (170)



According to the Air Force script for flag folding,why do we display the flag and give it a distinctive fold?(172-Fig)

To show respect to the flag and express our gratitude to thoseindividuals who fought and continue to fight for freedom athome and abroad.


Who decides how formally an award ceremony isconducted, based on the significance of the award? (170)

Commanders or other officials. (Many units present awardsduring commander's call.)


What ceremony recognizes meritorious service, outstandingachievement or heroism? (170)

The decoration ceremony. (The commander should presentthe decoration at a formal ceremony.)


When should a decoration ceremony be conducted?(170)

At the earliest possible date after approval of the decoration.


Decoration ceremony participants and attendeesshould wear the uniform specified by the host. If indoubt, it is best to wear the __ . (170)

Service Dress. (It is preferable to the ABU.)


How do decoration ceremonies normally begin?(171)

By announcing "ATTENTION TO ORDERS."


Many of the guidelines for promotion ceremonies arethe same as for __ ceremonies. (172)



When is it customary to hold a promotion ceremony?(172)

On the last duty day prior to the promotion.


Can a base hold a basewide ceremony for allpromotees? (172)



What are some ways to add decorum to the promotionceremony? (172)

The national anthem, reaffirmation of the Oath of Enlistmentand the Air Force Song.


The reenlistment ceremony can be celebratory withspecial gimmicks and publicity stunts. T/F (172)

False. (It must be dignified.)


Why should immediate family members receive aninvitation to reenlistment ceremonies? (172)

To reinforce the family's renewed commitment to the AirForce.


Who may perform the reenlistment ceremony? (172)

The Airman may request any commissioned officer of theUS armed forces (active duty, reserve, guard or retired).


What must form a backdrop for the participants in areenlistment ceremony? (172)

The US flag. (Reenlistees and reenlisting officers must wearan authorized uniform.)


What is the core of the reenlistment ceremony? (173)

The Oath of Enlistment, recited by the officer and repeatedby the reenlistee.


Why are retirement ceremonies important? (173)

To give a tangible expression of appreciation for contributionsto the Air Force and its mission and assurance that theretiree is still part of the Air Force family. (A retiring membermust be offered the courtesy of a formal ceremony.)


What publication should you consult for detailsabout retirement ceremonies? (173)

AFI 36-3203, Service Retirements.


Who normally conducts the retirement ceremony?(173)

A general officer. (Often as part of a formal military formation,such as a retreat or parade.)


Along with any awards, decorations, honors andletters of appreciation, what two items are presented toretirees? (173)

A certificate ofretirement and an Air Force retired lapel button.


Why is it customary to present the retiring member'sspouse with a certificate of appreciation during a retirementceremony? (173)

To acknowledge their support and sacrifices made during themember's career.


How does the commander proceed when a retiring member doesn't want a formal retirement ceremony orfor any reason (leave or hospitalization) can't be presentfor duty on the retirement date? (173)

The commander personally presents all decorations and anyawards or honors to the member at another time. (The retirementcertificate is not mailed unless there is no otherchoice.)


AFPAM __ , Guide to Protocol, outlines the anapproved sequence of events for indoor retirement ceremonies.(173)

AFPAM 34-1202.


When planning a retirement ceremony, 1) appointsomeone to set up the ceremony; 2) ensure the date andtime are good for the honoree; 3) select and reserve alocation; 4) permit the honoree to invite whomever he orshe would like to assist with the ceremony honors; 5) mailpersonal invitations to the guests (optional) or use AFIT's"E-lnvitations" free web application; 6) ensure all awardelements and certificates are ready; 7) select an emceeand special guest escorts; and 8) request photographicsupport from the multimedia center. What other guidelinesapply before the ceremony begins? (174-Fig)

9) Ensure media equipment is available; 10) recommend a"walk through" of the actual ceremony; 11) order refreshments;12) print programs and seating/parking signs; 13)verify the guest list and obtain special guest information; 14)ensure the officiating officer and emcee have guest information,agenda, proposed remarks, etc.; and 15) perform a"dry run" the ceremony with all the key players.


0n the day of the retirement ceremony, 1) set up thelocation at least two hours early; 2) meet with the honoreeto go over last-minute details; and 3) have the honoreeand special guests meet with the officiating officerjust before the ceremony. What occurs next? (174-Fig)

4) The ceremony begins with the emcee announcing the arrivalat the ceremony location; 5) the emcee welcomes everyoneand introduces special guests; 6) the emcee or officiatingofficer describes the honoree's career highlights; 7) the emceereads the special order of the honoree; 8) the officiatingofficer performs the ceremony; 9) photos are taken throughout;I 0) the honoree gives remarks; and 11) the emcee thankseveryone for coming and invites participants to congratulatethe honoree and enjoy the refreshments.


What is the only difference between a Dining-In anda Dining-Out? (173)

Nonmilitary spouses, friends and civilians may not attend theDining-In.


Where did the present Dining-In format originate?(173)

In the Air Corps, where General "Hap" Arnold held his famouswingdings.


What is appropriate attire for the Dining-In/Out?(173)

Air Force mess dress or the semiformal uniform. (Civiliandress is specified in the invitations.)


What ceremony is a formal evening banquet to honoran inductee as a "leader among leaders" and an"Airman among Airmen"? (173)

The Order of the Sword induction ceremony. (The highestrecognition enlisted people can bestow.)


____ consists of certain movements by which theflight or squadron is moved in an orderly manner fromone formation to another or from one place to another.(174)



How are Air Force organizations divided for drillpurposes? (174)

Into elements, flights, squadrons, groups and wings.


Ceremonies are an extension of drill activity. T/F(174)



Name the four types of commands in drill. (175)

I) Drill; 2) supplementary; 3) informational; and 4) mass.


Name the two parts of a drill command (oral order).(175)

The preparatory command and the command of execution.


In the command "Flight, HALT," the word "Flight"is the preparatory command. What else does it designate?(175)

The unit.


The command of __ follows the preparatorycommand. (175)



When are supplementary commands given? (175)

When one unit of the element must execute a differentmovement from other units or the same movement at a differenttime,


Give an example of a supplementary command. (175)



What type of command directs others to give commandsand has no preparatory command or command ofexecution? (175)

An informational command. (Examples: "PREPARE FOR~ INSPECTION" and "DISMISS THE SQUADRON.")


What type of command helps develop confidence,self-reliance, assertiveness and enthusiasm by making themember recall, give and execute the proper commands?(175)

A mass command.


Mass commands are given in __ by everyone inthe element. (175)



When giving commands in drill, good military __is essential. (175)



In what position is the commander when givingcommands in drill? (175)



To assume the position of attention, bring your heelstogether evenly and point your feet out equally to forma(n) __ -degree angle. (175)



You should not lock your knees while at attention.T/F (175)



What are the four positions of rest in drill? (175)

1) Parade rest; 2) at ease; 3) rest; and 4) fall out.


What command is given to resume the position ofattention from any of the rest positions (except fall out)?(175)

"Flight, ATTENTION." (For fall out, use "FALL IN.")


How far apart should your heels be in the paraderest position? (175)

12 inches apart (measured from the inside of the heels).


To assume the position of __ , keep your right footin place and remain silent. (175)

At ease.


How does the rest position differ from at ease? (175)

Moderate speech is permitted at the rest position.


You may leave the immediate area when you execute"FALL OUT." T/F (176)

False. (You may leave the ranks, but not the immediate area.)


What does the first phase of drill involve? The secondphase? (176)

First phase - teaching basic movements, facings and positions.Second phase - merging individuals as a flight to learnbase formations and marching.


What is the most practical drill group? (176)

A flight formation.


A flight forms in at least two but not more than__ elements for drill. (176)



On which drill command does a flight form a lineformation? (176)



Who usually forms and dismisses the flight formationin drill? (176)

The flight sergeant.


What commands are used when forming the flight indrill? (176)

"FALL IN," "Dress Right, DRESS" and "Ready, FRONT."


In a flight formation, who verifies the alignment ofeach rank? (176)

The flight commander.


When is the command "Open Ranks, MARCH" givento a formation? (176)

When in line at normal interval.


What does the first rank in a flight formation doupon the command "Open Ranks, MARCH"? (176)

Take three paces forward.


How many forward paces do the second and thirdranks in a flight formation take upon the command"Open Ranks, MARCH"? (176)

The second takes two paces and the third takes one.


What does the fourth rank do in a flight formationupon the command "Open Ranks, MARCH"? (176)

Stands fast and automatically executes dress right dress.


Who inspects the flight? (176)

The inspector and commander. (Ifrequired.)


In "Close Ranks, MARCH," the first rank standsfast. What do the second, third and fourth ranks do?(177)

Second rank takes one pace forward and halts at attention;third and fourth ranks take two and three paces forward respectively,then halt at attention.


What is the primary mission of the base honorguard? (177)

Providing professional military funeral honors for activeduty, retired members and veterans of the US Air Force.


Installation commanders are responsible for themandatory base honor guard program. What does thisprogram emphasize? (177)

The importance of military customs and courtesies, dress andappearance, and drill and ceremonies.


Members of the base honor guard program are usuallyvolunteers from the installation host and tenantunits, drawn from the airman basic to __ sergeantpool. (177)



When did HQ Command, US Air Force, direct thecreation of the elite ceremonial unit that has evolved intothe honor guard? (177)

May 1948.


Where was the first base honor guard activated?(177)

Within the 11 OOth Air Police Squadron, Bolling Field, Washington,DC.


Since January 2000, public law provides for all veteransto receive, at a minimum, a funeral ceremony includingwhat three things? (177)

The 1) folding of a US flag; 2) presentation of the flag to theveteran's family; and 3) playing of"Taps."