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What are 4 critiques of school based sex curriculum?

1. Too little too late
2. Heavy focus on harm
3. Values differ from parents
4. Low quality


What are the 2 main goals for sexual health education in Canada?

1. Promote positive sexual health outcomes: informed reproductive decisions, fulfilling sexual relationships

2. Reduce negative sexual health outcomes: STIs, unwanted pregnancy, coercive sex


What are the key components of the IMB model? Describe them briefly.

Information: know why, know where, know how
Motivation: emotional, personal, social
Behaviour: practice and skilled


What are the 2 main criticisms of abstinence only programs?

1. Holds back important information needed for good decision making
2. Excludes queer identities


What are the characteristics of a successful sexual health development program?

Program development: research of population needs and requirements, target specific behaviours

Program content: theoretical foundation, clear message, appropriate content and teaching methods, activities related to social environment, activities related to sexual communication, active application of sexual knowledge

Program implementation: supportive environment, knowledgable and motivated instructor, and program evaluation