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When did homosexual enter the english language?



Why is homosexual not an accepted term anymore?

- when the word was created it wasn’t describing feelings/attraction or behaviour, it was describing a kind of person/identity

We don’t use that term anymore because it’s historically used to describe someone as/ identify some as immoral, corrupt or mentally insane/sick


Sexual identify extends beyond who they prefer to have sex with. What else does sexual identity engender?

1. Self perceptions
2. Political views (solidarity amongst women)


Are terms like gay, queer, and heterosexual adjs or nouns?

They’re adjs and describe one facet of a person


Why do health care practitioners use MSM rather than gay men?

- Many MSM don’t identify as gay and may exclude themselves from research that’s not explicitly for MSM


What is asexuality?

A lack of sexual attraction for others


What percent of people are asexual as reported by a study in UK? What else did the study suggest?


It suggested that asexuality isnt pathological and shouldn’t be seen as a dysfunction


What is heterosexism?

Heterosexism assumes heterosexuality is the gold standard of “normal” behaviour. It minimizes lgbtq+ ppls and creates a breeding ground for hate, fear, internalized homophobia, and violence


What are 3 things affectional orientation includes?

- sexual attraction
- sexual fantasies
- sexual partner


What is the issue with research on l/g orientation?

- theres no research on how individuals develop heterosexual orientation

- people don’t identify one way their entire existence


What is the ecological model of identity development based on?

Based on how people interact with their environment. Recognizes intersectional effects on identity formation and disclosure.