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What is one way depriving a child of physical contact from a care giver can shape their development?

Can lead to higher mortality rates and attachment disorders


What is children’s sexual behaviour, including masturbation motivated by?

Physical pleasure or exploration, not sexual desire


When do children begin to explore their sexuality?

Toward the end of preadolescent period


How does increased sexualization and sexualized media affect young girls aged 11-13?

Increased anxiety, depression, and shame


What is menarche? What is semenarche?

First ocurance of menstruation. First ocurance of semen production.


What are the 3 main things that happen during adolescence?

1. Menarche or semenarche
2. Secondary sex traits develop
3. Development of intimacy and first love


What is the sexual double standard of first intercourse?

- men: rite of passage
- women: loss of purity


What factors relate to very early first sexual intercourse?

- low connectedness to family
- low connectedness to school
- Sexual permissive peers
- Alcohol
- Low self esteem
- High self esteem


What are 2 things that inhibit casual sex?

1. Risk of pregnancy and STIs
2. Moral reasons ex religion


What is surprisingly a factor that doesn’t influence decision to have sex?

Perceived parental disapproval


What is the reason for most teen pregnancies?

Ineffective or inconsistent use to contraceptives


What are 2 downfalls of teen pregnancy?

1. Teen moms more likely to be socio-economically disadvantaged
2. Babies are underweight


How can dating be confusing for lgbtq youth?

- may find it difficult to find partner open about their orientation
- alot of social disapproval
- may experiment with same sex (if not bi) relationships to mask sexual orientation


What are 4 development tasks associated with integrating sexuality in longer term relationships?

1. Passion: realizing that long term relationships aren’t sustained with passion
2. Friendship: having characteristics of a good friendship
3. Communication: developing the ability to communicate with one’s partner about sexual preferences
4. Sexual health: continuing to protect ones sexual health


What are some of the costs of divorce?

1. Financial: especially disadvantages women
2. Emotional: associated with higher rates of physical and mental illness
3. Effects on children: decline in parenting post-divorce, mitigated if positive relationship between parents, decline in standard of living


What are some challenges of Sexuality in older adults?

- males: difficulties w/ erection, orgasm and sexual interest
-female: decrease in vaginal lubrication


What are some hormone related changes in men?

- trouble gaining erection
- testicles decrease in size
- decrease in testosterone, in brain and body


What are some sexuality related development tasks in later life?

1. Maintaining perception of self as a sexual being
2. Adapting to reduced frequency of sexual desire
3. Adapting to reduced intensity of genital response
4. Adapting to death or disability of a partner
5. Adapting to entry into a long term facility
6. Using protection against HIV and STIs