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Government a; action to address urban problems and the insecurities of working-class life, originated in Germany but soon entered the political vocabulary of the US

Social legislation


Which provided that US senators be chosen by popular vote rather than by the state legislatures

Seventeenth amendment


Like mother's pensions rested on the assumption that the government should encourage women's capacity for bearing and raising children and enable them to be economically independent at the same time

Maternalist reform


Louis D. Brandeis filed a famous brief citing scientific and sociological studies to demonstrate that because women. Had less strength and endurance than men, long hours of labor were dangerous for women, while unique ability to bear children gave the government legitimate interest in their working conditions

Muller v Oregon


1913, 22 states had this; benefit workers, male or female, injured on the job

Workmen's compensation laws


Established a federal agency to police the quality and labeling of food and drugs

Pure food and drug act


Creating national parks like yellow stone, Yosemite, and glacier; this was to preserve the natural resources

conservation movement


Authorized congress to enact a graduated income tax (one whose rate of taxation is higher for wealthier citizens)

Sixteenth amendment


As he called his program (Wilson), envisioned the federal government strengthening antitrust laws, protecting the right of workers to unionize, and actively encouraging small businesses--- creating, in other words, the conditions for the renewal of economic competition without increasing government regulation of the economy

New freedom


According to Lippmann was frank acceptance to the benefits of bigness, coupled with the intervention of government to courtier act it's abuses; heavy taxes on personal and corporate fortunes and federal regulation of industries, including railroads, mining, and oil

New nationalism


To investigate and prohibit "unfair" business activities such as price-fixing and monopolistic practices

Federal trade commission


Founded in 1911; reform organization; leaders educated in boarding schools; many tribes together; montezuma wanted full citizenship and all constitutional rights in their independence

Society of American Indians