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Lasted into the mid-1960s followed the end of the war

"Baby boom"


During the post war suburban boom, federal agencies continued to insure mortgages that barred resale of houses to non-whites

Housing segregation


Cities demolished poor neighborhoods in city centers that occupied potentially valuable real estate

Urban renewal


in 1957, was included on paper money because the people were so involved in religion

"In God we Trust"


Eisenhower presided over the largest public-works enterprise in American history, the building of the 41,000 mile_____

Interstate highway system


The soviets launched the first artificial earth satellite, in 1957



Which was for the first time offered direct federal funding to higher education

National defense act


Declared that any soviet attack on an American ally would be countered by a nuclear assault on the Soviet Union itself

Massive retaliation


Mossadegh nationalize do the anglo-Iranian oil company, whose refinery in Iran was britain's largest remaining overseas asset. Their foes quickly branded both as communists. In 1953 and 1954, the Central Intelligence Agency organized the ouster of both governments----a clear violation of the UN charter, which barred a member state from taking military action against another except in self-defense

Iranian coup


A document that had promised elections to unify Vietnam and established the 17th parallel demarcation line which divided North and South Vietnam

Geneva accords


J. D. Salinger''s 1951 novel "catcher in the rye" and the 1955 films "blackboard Jungle" and "Rebel without a cause" (the latter starring James Dean as an aimlessly rebellious youth) highlighted the alienation of at least some young people form the world of adult respectability; helped spur the panic

Juvenile delinquency


Teenagers wore leather jackets and danced; that brought the hard-driving rhythms and sexually provacative movements of the black musicians and dancers to enthusiastic young white audiences

Rock-and-roll music


A small group of poets and writers, railed against mainstream culture

The beats


The equivalent of the NAACP in the southwest, challenged restrictive housing, employment discrimination, and the segregation of Latin students

League of United Latin American citizens LULAC


Warren would play the key role in deciding the momentous case that outlawed school segregation

Brown v board of education


Rosa parks refused to give up her seat to a white rider, parks's arrest sparked this year long event. Beginning the mass phase of the civil rights movement in the south

Montgomery bus boycott


A document that repudiated the Supreme Court decision in brown v board of education and supported the campaign against racial integration in public places

"Southern Manifesto"


Kennedy warned that the republicans had allowed for this to develop in which the soviets had achieved technological and military superiority over the United States

"Missile Gap"


The conjunction of "an immense military establishment" with a "permanent arms industry" ---- with an influence felt in "every office" in the land

Military-industrial complex


William and Alfred Levitt, who shortly after the war built the first of these on 1.200 acres of potato fields on Long Island near New York City, became the most famous suburban developers. More than 10,000 houses were assembled quickly from prefabricated parts and priced well within reach of most Americans