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In 1920s as the steadily rising price of stocks made front-page news, the market attracted more investors. Many assumed stocks would rise forever.

Rise of the stock market


A more socially conscious kind of business leadership, and trumpeted the fact that they now paid more attention to the "human factor" in employment.

"Welfare capitalism"


Promoted by Alice Paul and the National Women's Party. Proposed to eliminate all legal distinctions "on account of sex." Women received the right to vote. Demanded equal employment, education, and all other opportunities of a citizen.

Equal Rights Amendment


With her bobbed hair, short skirts, public smoking and drinking, and unapologetic use of birth-control methods such as the diaphragm, the young, and single, epitomized the change in standards of sexual behavior, at least in large cities

The "flapper"


1932 decision overturning a minimum wage law for women in Washington DC. Now that women enjoyed the vote, the justices declared, they were entitled to the same workplace freedom as men

Adkins v children's hospital


Most notorious scandal involved Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall who accepted nearly $500,000 from private businessmen to whom he leased government oil reserves in Wyoming.

Teapot Dome Scandal


Sought to have the government purchase agricultural products for sale overseas in order to raise farm prices

McNary-Haugen farm bill


A sporadically enforced set of guidelines that prohibit movies from depicting nudity, long kisses, and adultury, and barred scripts that portrayed clergymen the in a negative light or criminals sympathetically

Hays code


The arrests of anti war dissenters under the Espionage and Sedition Acts inspired the formation of the group. They would take part in most landmark cases that helped to bring about a "rights revolution"

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)


Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes declared that the 1st amendment did not prevent Congress from prohibiting speech that presented a ________ of inspiring illegal actions. Free speech, he observed, "would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic."

"Clear and present danger"


The press portrayed it as a movement of backwards bigots. Was a national phenomenon. They strongly supported prohibition



1925 in Tennessee. A teacher in a public school, arrested for violating a state law that prohibited the teaching of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Held on national radio. ACLU and Clarence Darrow defended him. Jury says guilty later Supreme Court overturned on technicality

Scopes trial


Reborn in Atlanta in 1915 after the lynching of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager accused of killing a teenage girl. by the mid-1920s, it claimed more than 3 million members, nearly all white, native-born Protestants, many of whom held respect in their communities

Second Ku Klux Klan


1921, a temporary measure restricted immigration from Europe to 357,000 per year (one-third of the annual average before the war.) 3 years later permanently limited European immigration to 150,000 per year, distributed according to a series of national quotas that severely restricted the numbers from Southern and Eastern Europe

Immigration reconstruction


Boarder control, empowered to arrest and deport persons who entered the country in violation of the new nationality quotas or other restrictions

"Illegal alien"


Associated in politics with pan-African and the militancy of the Garvey movement, in art meant the rejection of established stereotypes and a search for black values to put in their place

The "new negro"


More than $10 billion vanished in 5 hours after the crash. This is when the U.S. Fell into the Great Depression

Stock market crash


Spring of 1932, 20,000 unemployed WW1 veterans descended on Washington to demand early payment of a bu=onus due in 1945, only to be driven away by federal soldiers led by the army's chief of staff, Douglas MacArthur

Bonus marchers


Hoover signed laws creating this. Who loaned money to failing banks, railroads, and other businesses, threatened with foreclosure

Reconstruction Finance Corporation


We're anarchists who dreamed of a society in which government, churches, and private property had been abolished. Violence is okay. They were accused of killing a man but there was no hard core evidence. They were tried found guilty and died by electric chair.

Sacco-Vanzetti case