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Violence during an anarchist protest at haymarket square in Chicago on May 4 1886; the deaths of eight, including seven policemen, led to the trial of eight anarchist leaders for conspiracy to commit murder

Haymarket riot


Laws attempting to regulate the lives of their former slaves. Granted the right to legal marriage, property, and limited access to the court. Could not testify against whites, serve on juries or state militias, or vote. Vagrancy laws must work for a white man, could be leased out or children leased to work.

Black codes


February 1869; prohibited the federal and governments form denying any citizen the right to vote because of race.

15th amendment


Passed 1866; ratified by the states in 1868; citizenship for all born ing US, prohibited states from denying them "privileges and immunities" and "equal protection under the law", allow blacks to vote or reduced representatives

14th amendment


Was a congressman from Nebraska, supported by democrats and populists, sided with the farmers, very religious man, changed money to be backed by silver not gold.

William Jennings Bryan


A system under which an authority undertakes to supply needs or regulate conduct of those under its control in matters affecting them as individuals as well as in their relations to authority and to each other; monitored time off, expected to act right in community or moved out



One of the most prominent radicals in congress; lawyer and iron manufacturer form Pennsylvania. Wanted to give land from disloyal whites to former slaves, congress said no

Thaddeus Stephens


Started on another floor below and their floor wasn't notified, killed many girls, there were two doors out but one stayed locked so they could check bags before leaving and it trapped them in

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire


Outlawed racial discrimination in places of public accommodation like hotels and theaters

Civil Rights Act of 1875


Stayed out of politics to begin in order to attempt to improve rural conditions; exchanges would loan farmers money and sell their produce, establish warehouses to store goods until sold

Southern farmers' alliance


First group to try and organize unskilled workers as well as skilled, women alongside men, and blacks as well as whites

Knights of labor


A tax on a good; makes the overseas goods more expensive and promotes the sale of American goods

Protective tariffs


Railroads and other companies sought to bring order to the chaotic marketplace by establishing ________, which is a legal device whereby the affairs of several rival companies where managed by a single director



Andrew Carnegie set out to established a ________ steel company by controlling every phase of the business from raw material to distribution, whereas John D. Rockefeller began with _______ by buying out competing oil refineries.

Vertical integration, horizontal expansion


What popular idea borrowed from "On the Origin of Species" to argue that evolution was as natural a process in human society as in nature, and government must not interfere?

Social Darwinism


What organization of the 1880s was the center of burgeoning labor movement because it included skilled and unskilled, male and female, and black and white workers?

Knights of labor


Anticipating that whites would disappear, the buffalo would return, and that Indians could practice ancestral customs freely, the ______ was a religious revitalization campaign. In 1890, Government troops suppressed the movement at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota.

Ghost dance


In 1887, Congress established the ____________ to ensure fail railroad rates, and it was the first federal agency intended to regulate economic activity. It had little power, so Congress passed the ________, which banned all combinations and practices that restrained free trade.

Interstate commerce commission, Sherman anti-trust act


In May of 1886, the ________ was a response to the death of four strikers killed by police in Chicago. This violent event demonstrated the growing rift between labor and business interests.

Haymarket affair


Otherwise known as the Grange, what critics of the railroads moved to establish cooperatives for storing and marketing farm output in the hope of forcing railroads to ship goods at as fair price?

Patrons of husbandry


May 29, 1865: granted this to certain people but required others to come to him personally to be pardoned. Johnson appointed governors to create state conventions elected by whites alone and abolishes slavery

Proclamation of amnesty and pardon