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Where are the growing long bones prone to fracture



When do most physes close at what age

by one year of age


How many Salter Harris fracture types are there list them and what do they involve

1: involves just the physis
2:physis and through the metaphysis
3: physis and epiphysis (articular)
4:through the joint and across the physis
5:compression fracture of the physis


Why do type 3 and 4 have poorer prognosis than 1 and 2

Articular surfaces involved, must be aligned anatomically or DJD


how are compression and traction fractures treated

Compression: immobilization
Traction: immobilize and counteract pull of the attached muscle


When does the majority of the physis close? what are the exceptions?

By 1 year of age except the illic a crest (1-2.5 and the pelvic symphysis (5-6) and possibly the head of the humerus