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What would be seen in a right side heart problems

Blood backs up into the body (caudal vena cava, filling the abdomen with fluid and into the jugular vein, resulting in a jugular pulse or distention in some species)


What would be seen with with problems to the left side of the heart

Blood backs up into the lungs resulting in coughing and dyspnea (difficult breathing)


What is ectopic cillia

Misplaced eyelash that may contact and scratch the cornea


Describe the external ear canal

passes ventrally and then horizontally to reach the ear drum


What is capillary refill time

Time it takes for the mucosa blanched by finger pressure to return to a normal pink color


What is the clinical importance of a prepucial discharge

Usually none


What happens when dogs or cats nails are cut too short

Quicked=pain and bleeding


What is an onychectomy and how is regrowth prevented

Declaw, dorsal aspect of the ungual crest must be removed


What is it called when one or both testicles do not descend into the scrotum