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What is the configuration of the shoulder joint

ball and socket joint (spheroidal)


List the joints of the manus and the bones they are between

- Antebrachiocarpal (radius and ulna carpal bones)
-Middle carpal (proximal and distal carpal rows)
-Carpometacarpal joints (distal carpal and metacarpal bones)
*Metacarophalangeal joints (metacarpal bone and a proximal phylanx)
*Proximal interdigital joint: middle and distal phalanges


With what do the proximal ends of the ribs articulate? Distal ends?

Thoracic vertebrae; sternum


Name the fibrocartilages between the bodies of the adjacent vertebrae

Intervertebral disc


What elastic connective tissue structure attaches the 1st thoracic spine of the axis (c2) in the dog. In the cat?

Nuchal ligament, there isn't one


What elastic tissue fills the dorsal space (interarcuate space) between the arches of adjacent vertebrae

Ligamentum flavum, interarcucate, or yellow ligament


What connects the head of the pair of opposite ribs, crossing the dorsal part of the intervertebral disc

Intercapital ligament


What is the relatively immovable joint between the sacrum and ilium

Sacroiliac joint


Name the ball-and-socket joint of the pelvic limb

Hip joint, coxofemoral, or coxal joint


What are the fibrocartilaginous disc between the condyles of the femur and tibia

Medial and lateral menisci


How are the cruciate ligaments and that attach the femur and the tibia named

For their attachment to the tibia


List the four main joints of the hock/tarsus

Tibiotarsal, tarsocrural or talocrural joimt.
Proximal intertarsal joint
Distal Intertarsal joint
Tarsometatarsal joint