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What nervous structures pass from the spinal cord to the periphery

Spinal Nerves (LMN, lower motor neurons)


Where do the spinal nerves leave the vertebral column?

Intervetrebral formamen


What arises from the spinal cord to form a spinal nerve

Dorsal (sensory) and ventral (motor) roots


What are the two main branch sod spinal nerves?
what do they carry

Dorsal and ventral branches (mixed motor and sensory fibers)


What areas do the ventral and dorsal motor branches of the spinal nerves supply motor innervation?

Ventral: muscles ventral to the transverse process of the vertebrae process of the vertebrae ;
Dorsal: muscles dorsal to the transverse processes, sensory innervation not exactly the same


What spinal nerve branches supply sensation from the skin of the abdominal wall and back

Dorsal: back (above the transverse process) and upper flank (area just below the transverse process), ventral:rest